Hydraulic Press With Gauge Straw Briquette Press

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Hydraulic straw briquette machine description

The straw briquetting machine uses the principle of interaction between the flat die-like pressing force and the friction between the die wheel and the friction of the die hole so that the material can be shaped. Materials in the processing without adding any additives or adhesives. Straw and other materials contain a certain amount of cellulose and lignin, the lignin is a simple structure of the material, belonging to the polymer type of phenylpropane. Straw briquetting machine with enhanced cell wall, the role of cellulose bonding. Lignin is non-crystalline, the main part is not easy at room temperature any solvent, no melting point, but a softening point. When the temperature reaches a certain value, lignin softens the adhesive force increases, and under certain pressure, so that the molecular groups of cellulose dislocation, deformation, extension, the internal adjacent to each other to connect the biological material, recombine and press molding .


Highlight advantages of briquetting plant machine

① high production capacity, low power consumption. If no electricity facilities available diesel instead.

② raw materials are everywhere: crop stalks, leaves, dead branches, sawdust, weeds and other all possible biomass, can be its raw materials, all over the world, endless, never exhausted.

The cost is low: the cost of raw materials is almost zero; equipment investment is not large, easy to operate, the rural idle labor force can be employed by simple training, labor costs are very low.

④ material adaptability: Adapt to the formation of a variety of biomass raw materials, straws from powder to 55mm length, water content between 5% - 30%, can be processed into shape.

⑤ electric heating function: Automatic electric heating device, adjustable humidity and material, to solve the non-blocking, non-forming the difficulty.

⑥ pressure wheel automatically adjusts the function: the use of thrust bearing two-way rotation of the principle of automatic adjustment of the pressure angle, the material does not squeeze the group, not stuffy machine to ensure the stability of the material forming.

⑦ simple and easy to use: high degree of automation, less labor, only 3 people, the use of artificial feeding or conveyor can be automatically feeding.

⑧ process: smash → transport → molding → finished product storage.

⑨ long service life of the mold plate: The mold with special steel plus special wear-resistant materials developed from within three years without replacement.


Our achievement




1. Q:About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems occurred of your overseas customer in time?

A:The warranty of our machine is normally 12 months, during this period, we will arrange the international express immediately, to make sure the replace parts to be delivered as soon as possible.

2. Q:After we placing an order, will you arrange the installation of the machine at present?

A:All the machines will be tested well before delivered, so almost of them can be used directly, also our machine are easy to be installed, if you customer needs our assistance, we will be pleased to arrange the installation, but all the cost will be be charged by you.

3. Q:How can i get the after-service?

A: We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us.

If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,however it is charged. Any problem, you can call us directly.

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