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We Are To The Development Of Jet Mill From Multiple Industries

Jan 20, 2017

Current development of Jet mill industry still has some limitations, mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, vegetarian, diet, etc; for crushed or is there a gap in the steel industry, to use for each industry it's size is not the same.

Future development trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials is of high purity, ultra light and functional. With deep processing of high-purity ultrafine non-metallic mineral raw materials as leading, comprehensive development and utilization of a variety of non-metallic minerals. Can be prepared by chemical synthesis of high pure and Superfine powder, but the cost is too high, it has not been used for commercial production. Ultra-fine powder is still the primary means of mechanical crushing method, preparation of ultrafine powder by mechanical means dependent on ultra-fine grinding and classification technology of increasing difficulty, its depths forever. Synthesis of ultrafine grinding technology is to technical, its development also depends on technological advances, such as high hardness and high toughness of wear-resistant component processing, high speed bearings, determination of particle size distribution of submicron particles, etc.

Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, improve ultrafine grinding equipment and improving is the direction of development of ultrafine grinding technology. Ultrafine grinding technology is the key to the device, therefore, first to develop new Superfine pulverization equipment and the corresponding classifier, which seems to be more urgent. Grinding and surface activity of dispersants are applied to ultrafine grinding process.

Besides equipment and technology research and development industry to pursue the direction of integration. Ultrafine grinding and classification equipment must be adapted to the specific material characteristics and product specifications, specification diversification, but not on any of the items are high performance universal ultrafine grinding and classification equipment.

China Air grinder market still has great potential, but the real living's products are few, this would require technological renovation of enterprises, developed to solve the actual problem, and with efficient Jet mill, to low-energy efficient development direction.