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Tyre Shredder Structure Principle

Sep 08, 2017

The tire crusher is mainly used for grinding tires, wire tyres, steel wire tyres (radial tyres), and various scrap rubber products or corners to make it a powder and to achieve the required fineness (number of items).

Structure principle

A complete set of tire crusher production line at room temperature processing waste tyre and waste rubber, equipment is equipped with water cooling system, micro wind dust removal device, atomized spray system, etc., also can according to user's special raw material with independent dusting equipment in addition to the fiber. The grinding wheel pulverizer is the best choice for small investors nowadays. It has small investment, low cost, large profit, simple operation, saving time and energy, and energy-saving and environmental protection. The grinder is equipped with a water tank and USES a small amount of circulating water for cooling treatment. The pulverizer contains three pieces of disintegrating processing equipment: cutting machine, cutting ring machine, cutting machine;

Grinding equipment 5: crusher, magnetic separation and conveyor, milling machine, vibrating screen, feeding machine; Steel wire and rubber powder magnetic separator 1, etc.

Safety rules

1, after starting, for the machine to run properly,  allowed uniform continuous feed crops.

2, pay attention to the speed of the motor, when working  voice and the temperature of the bearing.

3. When feeding, the operator should stand on one side of the loading port. The clothing sleeve should be tightened and the face mask and working cap should be put on.

4, feeding, attention should be paid to inputs if there is a stone inside, sickle,  tools with hard objects, such as screw, in order to avoid damage to the machine and cause accidents.

5. No belt, oil, cleaning and troubleshooting are allowed when the machine turns.

6. It is found that the following problems should be turned off, the engine will be shut down, and the motor will be in smoke and jam, and the quality of the crushing is not good, and the bearing overheat, over 60 degrees.

It is strictly prohibited items

1. It is strictly forbidden to peer into the machine from the top of the broken cavity during operation.

2. The electrical equipment shall be connected to the ground, the electric wires shall be insulated and reliable and installed in the steel pipe.

3. It is strictly prohibited to remove and remove materials directly in the broken lumen after feeding.

4. No adjustment, cleaning or inspection shall be performed during the operation of the mill

In China, it consumes 3.45 million tons of raw gum every year, 60% of which needs to be imported, and has been the rubber consumer of the industry for three consecutive years since 2002. With the rapid development of economy, the anti-restriction effect of resources on the economy starts to show up and is becoming more and more serious. What is the future of development? There are major challenges. This gruesome malignant at present, the domestic many people constantly campaigning, find a can solve the problem of the pollution of the environment of the tire, and can be a huge waste tires into the road of sustainable economic development of renewable resources are available, at home, using waste tires is made into fine powder has a very wide range of "potential" for excavation, its extension application and further processing can form a sunrise industry booming, become a new economic growth point, at the same time, will give China's transportation, chemical industry, building materials and other related industry brings a revolution in the cost. In conclusion, the recycling industry of waste tyres will have a great potential for market development, so it is in accordance with the requirements of the sustainable development of the real economy