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Tyre Shredder Daily Raw Material

Oct 17, 2017

The tire crusher is mainly used for grinding tires, wire tyres, steel wire tyres (radial tyres), and various scrap rubber products or scraps, which make it a powder and achieve the required fineness (number of items).

Structure principle

A complete set of tire crusher production line at room temperature processing waste tyre and waste rubber, equipment is equipped with water cooling system, micro wind dust removal device, atomized spray system, etc., also can according to user's special raw material with independent dusting equipment in addition to the fiber. The grinding wheel pulverizer is the best choice for small investors nowadays. It has small investment, low cost, large profit, simple operation, saving time and energy, and energy-saving and environmental protection. The grinder is equipped with a water tank and USES a small amount of circulating water for cooling treatment.

The pulverizer contains three pieces of disintegrating processing equipment: cutting machine, cutting ring machine, cutting machine;

Grinding equipment 5: crusher, magnetic separation and conveyor, milling machine, vibrating screen, feeding machine;

Steel wire and rubber powder magnetic separator 1, etc.

Process flow

Waste tires, cutting ring machines, cutting machines, cutting machines, crushing machines, grinding machines, screening machines, upper feeding machines, grinding machines, semi-finished products, re-magnetic selection, inspection, and warehousing

Application field

L, sports ground: runway, school sports ground, swimming pool and garden path, bowling alley, walkway, kindergarten sports ground and entertainment field, tennis and basketball court.

2, the automotive industry: strip, train the floor mat, brake disk ribbon, the floor of the car and truck, brakes bushings, seals, shock absorber, shock absorber, automotive body bottom sealing and stainless steel materials, splash and raw materials such as soil, sea daily, tires and tire inner pad.

3, construction/equipment: adhesives/sealants, hospital, company, bathroom floor MATS, insulated materials, carpet pad, livestock, extrusion products, waste brake surface, casting products, coatings, DAMS, warehouse, ponds, waste treatment station, brick top liner and coverings, has raised the floor of the decorative pattern, house a signboard, thin, waterproof material waterproof, shockproof, washer, roof and wall materials.

4, the application of geotechnical/asphalt: pipes, rubber processing of the laying of asphalt for roads and lanes, filter, porous soil regulate/road coverage, flushing, horse racing track, the railway crossing, traffic/pavement obstacles, the crack joint sealant road construction and maintenance by sea

Daily raw material

1. Production of reclaimed rubber: used to produce all kinds of rubber products.

2. Other applications: making paints, paints and adhesives; Production of activated carbon.

The fineness of the application

8 ~ 20 eyes: mainly applied to runway, road cushion, gasket, lawn, pavement, pavement, etc.

30 ~ 40 eyes: mainly used in the production of reclaimed rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, production rubber plate, etc.

40 ~ 60 eyes: it is called fine adhesive powder, which can be used in rubber adhesive filling, plastic modification, etc.

60 ~ 80 eyes: it is called fine adhesive powder, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials, etc.

80 ~ 200 eyes: it is called fine powder, mainly used in rubber products and military products.

It is strictly prohibited items

1. It is strictly forbidden to peer into the machine from the top of the broken cavity during operation.

2. The electrical equipment shall be connected to the ground, the electric wires shall be insulated and reliable and installed in the steel pipe.

3. It is strictly prohibited to remove and remove materials directly in the broken lumen after feeding.

4. No adjustment, cleaning or inspection shall be performed during the operation of the mill.