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The Characteristics, Models And Scope Of Use Of The Waste Automobile Baler Machine

Dec 12, 2017

The characteristics, models and scope of use of the waste automobile baler machine

The car has a definite service life. After that, it has to be scrapped. But the volume of the car is large and all of them are some metals. So what kind of baler is suitable for baler? Of course, it is a special car baling machine. What types and scope of this kind of equipment do you have?

The waste car baler is actually a large horizontal baler, which is mainly used to pack scrap iron, scrap steel, stainless steel and so on, because such equipment has the advantages of high pressure, heavy baler and convenient loading, which can completely meet the packaging requirements of used cars.


When the waste steel scrap of the waste car is packed and recycled, the waste car packer can not only make the bulk density, but the key is the high efficiency. At present, the related models involved in the market are 400 tons baler, 300 tons baler, 250 ton packer, 200 ton baler and so on.

The specifications of the package cars of different specifications of the waste car balers are also different in size. They are 400*400 millimeter, 500*500 millimeter, 600*600 millimeter and 700*700 millimeter. In addition to this, it can also be customized according to the requirements of the user.

Compared with the ordinary baler machine, auto baler machine is characterized by the waste pressure, material box, convenient baler, etc., various internal standard material box, 2*1.8*1 meters, 2*2.5*1.2 meters, 2.5*3*1.2 meters, 3*3.5*1.5 meters of different specifications are available; but also by electric or hydraulic chuck claw filler filler, convenient speed fast, mass weight, weighing about 600-1500 kg per pack.