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So How Do You Recycle Old Metal?

Jul 03, 2019

So how do you recycle old metal?

1. Separate the tin from the aluminum. The tin is usually hard and has seams that can be easily identified.

The recycled iron and aluminum are compressed into chunks at the recycling plant,

2. Send them to the steel mill or aluminum smelter to be made into steel or aluminum ingots, and complete the life cycle of iron and aluminum cans.

Using recycled cans reduces energy consumption by 82 per cent, air pollution by 85 per cent, water pollution by 80 per cent and waste by 90 per cent compared with bauxite.

Making iron from recycled cans USES 52% less energy, 68% less air pollution, 72% less water pollution and 95% less waste than iron ore.

Principle of metal recovery machine

High frequency power supply is adopted to continuously bring precious metal ions in the solution to the rotating cathode, forming a dense precious metal layer and effectively recovering precious metal.

Advantages of metal recovery machine

1. Precious metal anode, non-polluting potion.

2. Stable operation and long service life.

3. Unique rotating design, electrolysis efficiency is more than three times that of ordinary recycling equipment

4. Intelligent control system

5. The equipment adopts anti-corrosion design, with long service life and high stability.