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Shredder The Role Of Confidentiality

Aug 18, 2017

Shredders are suitable for general units, companies and confidential units of a large number of shreds, play a convenient and confidential role.

Because there are individual units of documents and letters can not leak the contents of which, in order to protect its confidentiality and security, so the shredders play a role.

Shredding with a shredder, it is difficult to restore the original paper, will be able to keep confidential.

In the highly competitive business today, the company's confidential documents is extremely important, shredders also came into being, to solve the office file processing provides a convenient. The shredding capacity of a shredder and its useful life are affected by day-to-day maintenance. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the shredders are also more and more attention, here is a brief introduction to several of the daily maintenance tips for paper for reference.

1, due to the shredder machine tool precision, sharp, so in daily use should pay attention not to clothes, ties, hair, etc. involved in the paper to avoid accidental damage.

2, when the shredded paper bucket should be timely after the removal, so as not to affect the normal work of the machine.

3, do not put broken fabric, plastic, hard metal and so on.

4, in order to extend the life of the machine, each shredding should be less than the maximum amount of paper crushing the machine is appropriate, did not say broken discs, disks, credit card machines, do not unauthorized into the machine broken.

5, clean the machine shell should first cut off the power, with a soft cloth stained with detergent or soft soapy water wipe, do not let the solution into the machine inside, can not use bleach, gasoline or thin liquid scrub.

6, do not let sharp objects hit the shell, so as not to affect the machine beautiful.