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Shredder The Effect Of Confidentiality

Nov 06, 2017

How does a shredder work, you know? It is mainly you put the paper into the shredder in the middle of the interlocking blade, is divided into a lot of small pieces of paper, Shredder in order to achieve the purpose of confidentiality, according to the composition of the paper knife, the existing way of shredding granular, segmental, strip and so on. Some shredder can choose two or more pieces of paper in the market. Different pieces of paper are suitable for different occasions, if it is a general office occasions, the choice of paragraph-shaped, Shredder bar-like can be. But if it is used in a relatively high degree of confidentiality requirements must be granular. At present, the use of four knife shredding is the most advanced mode of work, paper pieces of paper neatly neat, Shredder can achieve the effect of confidentiality.

Paper shredder structure is mainly divided into mechanical transmission and electrical control part. Mechanical transmission is mainly composed of: A, b Two groups of knife shaft, transmission gear reducer, drive motor and so on. The electrical control part mainly consists of: box door switch, Shredder power switch, photoelectric sensor, key board, main circuit board and so on.

Paper Shredder working principle, paper shredder working mode in our shredder mainly has automatic shredding and manual shredding two (some machines have only one kind of automatic induction shredding). Automatic shredding: is through the photoelectric sensor, to carry out signal acquisition, Shredder the signal through the main circuit board comparison and analysis processing, thereby controlling the large motor forward/reverse; manual shredding: It is through the manual operation of the machine directly on the key to collect the signal, the signal through the main circuit board comparison and analysis processing, thus controlling the large motor forward/reverse And then driven by the large motor driving gear reducer operation, the gear finally led the knife shaft assembly operation, thereby achieving the purpose of paper shredding.

1, when the machine power supply, Shredder the machine into the working state, the machine power indicator is green. If the light is not lit at this point or the door switch light is lit, indicating that the machine is not working properly, need to check whether the trash can be put.

2, when the machine enters the working state, paper to feed into the mouth, Shredder enter the mouth of the sensor sensor to the paper, the machine began to work, the motor operation to drive the machine gear and paper shredder rotation, so that the paper broken into particles, paper broken in 3 seconds after the automatic shutdown, again into the working state, The broken particles are made of two pieces of knife by cutting the paper into strips by a pair of scissors, and then by cutting the blade of the tooth gadolinium to become granular. Thus realizes the shredding function.

3, when the machine is in excess of paper, the machine will automatically stop, at this time need to manually press the reverse button, Shredder the paper exit (some of the machine reversal LED is lit, and then automatically return paper), exit the paper need to reduce the number of paper before the paper can be broken smoothly.

4), continuous shredding time exceeds the number of minutes specified by the machine, the machine may appear thermal protection, overheating indicator will be lit, Shredder and then automatic shutdown, this situation is caused by overheating inside the machine. If not automatically shut down, the machine will be burned by high temperature, when the internal temperature of the machine down to normal temperature, Shredder the machine again back to normal. So as to break the paper repeatedly.