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Shredder Shredding Effects

Sep 30, 2017

The shredder is made up of a rotating set of blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is sent from the middle of the interlocking blade, which is divided into many tiny pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of secrecy. Shredding means the shape of a paper shredder after it is processed by a shredder. According to the composition of the shredder, the existing paper forms are broken, granular, segment, foaming, strip, filiform, etc. Now, the paper shredder can also cut credit card, optical disk, etc.

Structure and principle

The structure and working principle of the shredder: shredder has two main components "paper cutting knife" and "electric motor", between the belt and gear closely linked together, the motor drive belt, gear, energy transmitted to the paper cutting knife, and paper cutting knife by turning, chop the paper with a sharp metal angles.

There are some paper shredder that can choose two or more pieces of paper. Different pieces of paper are suitable for different occasions. If it is a general office, you can select a section, grain, fillet and strip. But if you are using a few places where you have a high requirement for secrecy, you must use foaming. The paper is the most advanced way of working with four knives, and the paper grain is neat and neat, which can achieve the effect of secrecy.

The cutting principle of the shredder has been removed by the blade or the tool dislocation, and the paper is torn apart under the action of the power source. If the cutter or blade is set to have a knife point, the effect of the shredder will be a segment or granule. If the cutter or blade is set with no tip, the effect will be a strip.

Shredding ability

The shredding ability refers to the paper thickness and the maximum amount of paper that the shredder can handle at once, and the amount of paper is the throughput of the machine itself. The average shredder can break 13-15 pieces at a time. The large shredder can break 60-70 pieces each time. General shredding effects, the better is the shredding ability is relatively poor, such as a brand shredder nominal shredding ability as an A4, 70 g, 7-9 pieces, is that the shredder once can handle is 70 g chopped thickness of seven to nine pieces of A4 paper. The general office USES A4, 70g, 3-4 pieces to meet the daily needs. If it is a large office, you should select the paper shredder with the right size and fast speed. The existing large shredder can generally reach 60-70 pieces. The paper must be used according to the broken paper capacity of the machine, so as to avoid the improper loading of the machine and the over-loading of the motor

Shredding effects

Shredding effect refers to the size of paper formed after the paper has been processed by the shredder, usually in millimeters (mm). Granules and foaming effects are the best, and the broken ones are worse. For example, 2*2mm secrecy can cut A4 paper into more than 1500 pieces. Different shredder can be selected according to the actual need. If the family and small office do not involve in the privacy of the occasion can choose 4mm* 50mm, 4mm*30mm and so on the specification is ok. On the basis of the minimum standard of destruction, the paper must be broken to 3.8mm. For highly classified documents, a crisscrossing shredder should be used, and it is best to use a paper shredder that achieves 3mm*3mm and the following specifications.

Shredding capacity

The volume of the broken carton is the volume of the box in which the waste paper is shredded. The scraps of paper produced by the shredder are stored in one of the following containers: the low-end shredder is usually placed above the waste basket, so that the broken pieces are simply placed in the wastebasket; A slightly more expensive product comes with a waste paper basket. Most of the office shredders are usually enclosed, wheeled cabinets that can be easily moved in the office, and the shredder involves the selection of the volume of cardboard boxes. The general office and the household shredder may choose small sized cartons for the size of 10-15 litres for actual needs and size. Medium-sized offices are best at 20-30 litres, and 30 litres of cardboard boxes can be used in large offices. Finally, there are some paper shredder with a shelf that can hang plastic bags. You just have to be ready to hang plastic bags on the shelf