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Shredder Processing

Jun 05, 2017

Shredder A shredder consists of a set of rotating blades, a paper comb, and a drive motor. The paper is fed into the middle of the interlocking blade, Shredder and is segmented into a lot of small pieces to achieve confidentiality. Paper shredding means the shape of a paper shredder after being shredded by a paper shredder. According to the composition of the paper shredder, the existing shredding methods are: crushed, granular, segmental, froth, strip, filiform and so on. Some shredder can choose two or more pieces of paper. Different pieces of paper can be applied to different occasions, if it is a general office occasions choose paragraph-shaped, granular, filamentous, strip-like. But if it is used in a relatively high degree of confidentiality of the occasions must be used in foam. At present, the use of four knife shredding is the most advanced mode of work, paper pieces of paper neatly neat, can achieve the effect of confidentiality.

Shredder can handle all the household bills, cards, discarded CDs, tapes and waste paper that need to be kept confidential, if at home sometimes the career people need to work. In the office, needless to say, many of the documents used in the office, although useless, but the direct drop may cause leaks, so the office must shredder.

Computer popularization into the office to bring more output files, a large number of information is short-lived, if not properly handled, the data will easily fall into the hands of competitors, loss can not be estimated, so paper Shredder is a good choice. So what do we need to pay attention to when we buy the shredder?

1. Scrap of paper

Shredder The amount of paper broken is determined by individual needs, such as the amount of paper broken by the customer each day, how many pieces to be broken each time, and the throughput of the parts themselves. General scrap can be broken 13-15 pieces of paper each time, the large shredder can be broken 60-70 pieces of paper, the chance of crushing paper is slower than small. Of course, the more each time the number of broken sheets will be less than the more economic efficiency, because the operation time, manpower and power consumption can be reduced.

2. Speed of paper shredding

Shredding speed must be combined with the amount of scrap paper, a low paper volume but too high speed scrap paper to become curled, so that the bag of paper-filled bags need to be constantly replaced, Shredder and produce a lot of dust. In general, the computer paper will automatically continuously input shredder, the minimum speed requirement should be no less than 0.5m per second, that is, 6400 of the face must be processed every hour of computer paper.

3. Width of paper inlet

Because the area of computer files is wider than that of general Office documents, usually 11 or 11 15, to shred the paper must be more vertical input to the incision, or the entire line of text may be intact, the information is exposed, such as the paper is too thin, Shredder the paper will be folded together to reduce the number of pieces per break, and easy to lead to the paper plug, reduce efficiency. Therefore, the use of special computer shredder, the entrance should be at least 385mm wide, is the minimum standard.

4. Paper width

According to the destruction data standard, the computer printing document must break to 3.8mm below note. For highly classified documents, we should use a paper shredder that can be cut vertically and horizontally, to shred the paper at least 1.9mm wide and 15mm long waste paper, Shredder to ensure that information confidential, because of granular shredding difficulties, granular paper shredder paper thinner, the need for processing space is not large, the loading of paper bags need to be replaced often, easy to deal with. Shredding width depending on the degree of confidentiality of the documents involved, the need to select suitable shredder can be consulted with professional suppliers and they are willing to provide professional advice.

5. Protecting the Environment

In order to respond to environmental information, the general Paper Shredder is higher than 62 DB volume as the standard, larger throughput of the Shredder will be larger, however, Shredder the design of the new trend will focus on the low volume of the main, so that the office staff can enjoy and quiet working environment, while waste paper can also be recycled, scrap notes can also be used as packaging materials, not only to save costs, but also to support environmental protection.