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Shredder Composition Method

Jul 25, 2017

The shredder is composed of a set of rotating blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is fed from the middle of the blade that is engaged with each other, Shredder and is divided into a lot of small pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. Shredding means that the paper is shredded by a shredder after being processed by a shredder. According to the composition of shredded paper, Shredder the existing shredding methods are: broken, granular, segment, foam, strip, filament and so on. Some shredders on the market can choose two or more shredding methods. Different shredding methods apply to different occasions, if it is a general office occasions, Shredder select the segment, granular, filamentous, strip on it. But if it is used to some of the relatively high security requirements of the occasion must be spit. The current use of four knives composed of shredding is the most advanced way of working, Shredder shredded paper grain neat and neat, to achieve the effect of confidentiality.

Shredders can handle all family bills, cards, Shredder obsolete discs, tapes, and waste paper that need to be kept secret, and more needed for business people who sometimes have to work at home. And in the office even more to say, the office with a lot of documents though useless, Shredder but the direct discards may cause leakage, so the office must shredders.

The amount of shredding is determined by individual needs, such as the amount of shredding the customer every day, the number of pieces to be broken and the throughput of the machine itself, are the determining factors. The general amount of shredding can be broken 13-15 each time, Shredder large shredders can be broken 60-70 each time, shredding large shredding opportunities than the small speed is slow. Of course, the choice of each broken number of more than the less the more economic benefits, because it can reduce the operating time, manpower and power consumption.

Shredding speed must match the amount of shredding, Shredder a low shredding but too high speed shredding will make crushing strips become curled, so that the bag containing shredded paper often need to replace, and produce a lot of dust. In general, the computer paper will automatically enter the shredder continuously, Shredder the minimum speed requirements should not be less than 0.5m per second, that is, per hour to deal with 6400 face to be continuous computer paper

As the size of the computer file is wider than the average office file, usually 9 * 11 or 11 * 15, to be chopped paper must be and incision vertical input, otherwise the whole line of text may be completely retained, the information exposed; Too thin, the paper will be folded together to reduce the number of broken each time, and easy to lead to the paper plug, reduce work efficiency. So the choice of special computer shredders, Shredder the entrance should be at least 385mm wide, is the minimum standard.

According to the destruction of information standards, computer printing documents will be broken to 3.8mm below the note. For highly confidential documents, the use of vertical and horizontal cutting of the shredder, the file broken to less than 1.9mm wide and 15mm long waste paper to ensure that the information confidential, due to the difficulty of particle shredding reduction, fine shredders shredded paper, Shredder Processing space is not required, containing shredded paper bags need to be frequently replaced, easy to handle. Shredding width requirements depends on the department, the organization involved in the confidentiality of the file, Shredder to choose the right shredder, you can consult a professional supplier, they are willing to provide professional advice.

In order to respond to environmental information, the general shredder is higher than 62 dB volume as the standard, the throughput of the larger shredders will be larger, but the new trend will focus on the design of the main low volume, so that the office staff more Enjoy and quiet working environment, at the same time, waste paper can also be recycled recycling, broken paper can also be used as a packaging materials waste, not only save costs, but also support environmental protection.

Paper effect is the size of the paper that is formed by the paper after the paper is processed, usually in millimeters (mm). Grain, foam the best results, Shredder followed by the broken, Shredder the section, the relative effect of paragraph is even worse. For example, 2 * 2mm security effect can be cut into more than 1,500 small pieces of A4 paper. Different occasions can be selected according to the actual needs of different shredding effect of the shredder. Shredder Such as home and small office does not involve confidential occasions can choose 4mm * 50mm, 4mm * 30mm and other specifications on it. And the requirements of confidential occasions According to the minimum standard of destruction of information, computer printing documents must be broken to 3.8mm below the note.