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Milling Machine Shaft Fracture Cause And Solution

Jan 20, 2017

The core parts of the mill grinding roller and grinding ring, Assembly, and these accessories are also vulnerable, if not pay attention to maintenance will lead to serious consequences, especially fracture will result in production of the main shaft, output losses could not be estimated; if the spindle is break during working hours, first on threats to staff safety. Spindle break: what are the reasons?

1, because of the characteristics of mill work, long-term chunks of ore crushing, grinding, mechanical shock frequently attempt to damage the spindle.

2, causes the excessive feed mill run super load.

3, ore mining during transport, often some scrap metal accents, these objects through the upper end of the tape when you set the magnet, because the electromagnet ability, coupled with the metallic properties of manganese-containing materials, electromagnets cannot be ruled out, these materials in the midst of the ore and mud into the mill, resulting in frequent iron, which often impact on the spindles and other components. Fatigue damage of spindle, spindle is the main reason.

Small series summed up the main shaft fracture cause for everyone, we know whether to prevent the occurrence of such accidents?

1, on-site maintenance personnel when carrying out maintenance operations, replaced obsolete parts should be recycled, put into position, it is strictly forbidden to all types of metal waste discarded in the ore.

2, ore dressing workshop of maintenance equipment, maintenance personnel, comply with strict rules to avoid repair tools and debris left in the device.

3, through the procurement, as well as on its own technology, to update or modify the existing metal detector, metal detector to detect and eliminate the ability of metal.

4, keepers of the crusher feeding tape operator to strengthen accountability, increase their visits to materials found foreign objects to be sorted out in time.

5, equipment operator mill hand inspection for not timely, current, sound and other abnormality is found, to report in a timely manner to prevent accidents expanded.

6, regular use of ultrasonic instrument for testing the mechanical parts such as spindle in order to know the actual state of the device.

7, to strengthen the section operator training, and strive to raise the level of operator practice, equipment maintenance, repair of equipment be in place in time, make sure that the device is in good technical condition.

8, for the spindle, and the body and it can affect the production of key components of the system as a whole, completes its inventory of spare parts procurement to avoid special cases caused shutdown of the whole system.