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Metal Shredder Working Principle

Nov 02, 2017

Scrap metal recycling economic transformation in China is an important industry chain needs to be strengthened, and to realize the recycling of scrap metal is not an easy thing, such as how to implement an efficient through the metal crusher equipment, precision, low consumption, environmental protection industry chain is still in groping, along with the people understanding of an industry advantages and disadvantages of gradually deepening, metal grinder in the important role of scrap metal recycling industry is also recognized by everyone, clutter by using metal crusher, no fine classification of the metal back into a certain specifications, available through precise classification of metal, convenient transportation, reduce the energy consumption and reduce the pollution to the environment, the whole industry chain to improve the production efficiency of the whole industry chain. Henan xinwei production metal crusher has for many years, for the development of metal crusher is experience over the years, especially in the past two years countries after economic transition metal crusher sales began to surge, the fierce market competition also make metal crusher price began to fall, it's more promoted more investors to join this industry, but the problem is, many new users principle is not very clear about the structure of metal crusher buyers for production, so that the problems in the process of production, today we are senior technicians take you understand the working principle of metal crusher help them better control production, improve production efficiency.

Metal crusher type on the market at present already very complete, although the same is messy scrap metal crushing processing into customers requirement of the specifications of the size of the equipment, but the classification of the metal crusher have now very much, such as according to the size of the can be divided into primary crusher, crushing machine, fine grinding machine, the superfine mill type, such as and in accordance with the principle of work can be divided into cutter ground type and tore up circular plate type metal crusher, no matter which kind of, its basic structure are made by machine, chassis, chassis, combined spiral shaping cutter plate, drive shaft and driven shaft, big gear and small gear and so on several important parts. The working principle of the difference between the two kinds of metal crusher is a kind of metal scrap to make use of the knife dish is cut, cut, tear, pull the enormous material, through the gear transmission to the driven shaft, drive shaft of the moving blade and the stationary knife on the plate shell forming high-speed relative motion, make the material into later, at the same time by crowded, tear, cut, so that the material be broken; And another is by high-speed rotating impeller and tore scrap metal stir broken, using spindle series multiple round steel, circular plate with the spindle rotation, around the circular plate is equipped with use cast manganese steel pinion, scrap metal material inside the crammed into the host by conveying device, the high speed gear ground. Users according to the market demand for raw materials to replace metal crusher at the bottom of the screen hole size to achieve standard metal pieces were selected, finally through sorting device will classify different properties of metal particles, which makes metal mill finish the whole process of grinding, sorting, to master and familiar with the structure of these basic principles I believe you can better grasp the production of metal crusher.