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Metal Shredder Components Comprise

Oct 17, 2017

Metal pulverizer is a professional machinery that can crush large sized solid metal materials to the required size. According to the size of crushed or crushed material, the mill can be divided into coarse crushing machine, medium crushing machine, fine grinding machine and ultra fine grinding machine. This machine is mainly composed of worm gear reducer motor, casing, frame, screw cutter plate, driving shaft, driven shaft, big gear, small gear, etc.

The basic concept

In the crushing process, the external forces applied to the solid are crushed, cut, impact, and grind four kinds. The pressure rolling is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing, which is suitable for crushing of hard materials and bulk materials. Shearing is mainly used in crushing, suitable for the grinding of malleable materials; The impact is mainly used in crushing, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, suitable for crushing of brittle materials. Grind mainly in fine grinding, fine grinding, suitable for small pieces and fine particle crushing. The actual grinding process is often several forces acting at the same time.

Working principle

The metal crushing machine can be divided into two types according to its working principle: 1: use the double-axis or single shaft to rotate at low speed, and use the knife disk to cut, cut, tear, pull. Through gear change transmission to the driven shaft, the active shaft of the dynamic knife and the static knife disk of the shell form relative motion. The spiral toothed cutter on the active shaft is staggered in order to make the material enter, and it is squeezed, torn and sheared to break the material. 2: the long metal cuttings are torn and broken by high-speed rotating impeller. The spindle of high speed rotation (about 1, 000 RPM) is connected with a series of round steel plates, and the circular plates rotate on the spindle. The round board has 4~6 small gears made of manganese steel. The pinion rotates freely on its own small axis. Long and messy clumps of scrap metal from top opening into the machines, high-speed rotating plate gear on the ground, tear into small pieces, the outflow from the bottom of the screen hole mesh size can according to the request of scrap metal broken broken particle size selected.

Metal crusher use motor drives the rotor, the basic principle of extrusion under the high speed high torque motor driver, gouge in the crushing cavity can be fully and effectively finely, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken objects. Broken material through air swirl grading system, put the pot and the pot of separation, and the whole system is equipped with dust removal device, will be produced in the process of production dust pollution harm to a minimum. The equipment mainly has the advantages of high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency and evenness. And in the use of the device, low noise, no pollution, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Components comprise

Gear motor adopts direct worm gear and worm gear motor, installed directly on the crusher drive shaft, gear transmission by size to the driven shaft, the master-slave shaft spiral serrated knife form the relative motion of the plate. The spiral gear cutter in the moving shaft is staggered to make the material enter, and it is squeezed, torn and sheared to break the material. Because the required broken metal materials are mostly brittle and hard, the chip, small gears and iron sieving machines must be made of hard and resistant hard materials. A flywheel is mounted on the main shaft to make the main shaft have greater torque when breaking scrap iron. In addition, the spindle is best driven by the hydraulic coupling to remove the high peak current of the motor and absorb the vibration of the spindle. When shearing machine is used to break up the car chip of high wear resistant material (such as bearing iron dust), the rotor is also coated to enhance its wear resistance.