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Metal Shearing Machine Organization

Jul 11, 2017

Shearing machine, also known as crocodile shears, Metal Shearing Machine metal shears, scrap shears, scrap shears, which are mainly used to cut long scrap metal into pieces for easy transportation and recycling. Metal Shearing Machine Each metal recycling company necessary equipment.

 The mechanism of the shearing machine is: shearing machine frame (cast iron), blade, pressing plate, protective cover, console (automatic electrical operation box), Metal Shearing Machine electrical system, commutation solenoid valve, oil pump, motor, fuel tank, wind Cold, Metal Shearing Machine shear cylinder, pressure plate cylinder.

The operating principle of the shearing machine is through the motor rotation, take the hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic tank, after the commutation of the role of the valve, Metal Shearing Machine driving the cylinder to run, the scrap metal cut into small pieces.

Shearing machine for raw materials are scrap iron, copper, aluminum, catalyticconverter, hard drive and so on. Like all the equipment, there are many models of cutting, how to choose the most suitable for their own cutting machine? This is mainly determined by the customer material of the material, Metal Shearing Machine thickness with width or diameter to determine the type of shearing machine.

Change the cylinder diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, the system pressure unchanged, for 1.5 times the cylinder bore, you can change the pressure to twice the original, Metal Shearing Machine of course, only half the speed of the original. If you want the speed of the same, Metal Shearing Machine all the hydraulic pipes and pumps, valves have to be replaced, replaced by flux doubled, the motor power should become larger.

Change the system work pressure, which may have to replace all the hydraulic pipes and pumps, valves, and there is a problem, usually the domestic hydraulic machinery system pressure is about 20-22Mpa, if you want to increase the pressure of all components to 40Mpa, This high-pressure components are expensive, Metal Shearing Machine so it's not economical and unrealistic.

Due to the difference in the performance of the sealing material itself, the sealing performance of the sealing member is also greatly different. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the proper design and selection of the sealing member. In the selection of sealing materials, the following factors should be considered:

Hardness is an important indicator of the sealing material, according to the roughness of the sealing surface may be, rough sealing surface, the hardness of the seal is low, Metal Shearing Machine so the sealing effect is good. In the high sealing pressure parts, it is required to increase the hardness of the seal to prevent excessive deformation of the seal, Metal Shearing Machine or even be squeezed out. In addition, Metal Shearing Machine the material hardness has decreased with the use of temperature characteristics, Metal Shearing Machine and high hardness, wear resistance of the material is also strong.

The hydraulic pneumatic seal is a self-generating compressible deformation in the sealing groove to obtain the sealing capacity. Therefore, Metal Shearing Machine the permanent deformation of the sealing material is small, the elasticity is high and the resilience is stronger. In addition, the permanent deformation of the material and temperature, Metal Shearing Machine low temperature, high temperature will increase the permanent deformation.

Squeeze-type seal is to rely on the sealing material after the pressure itself to produce the resilience and sealing capacity, and lip seal may be eccentric, Metal Shearing Machine may rely on the elasticity of the material to compensate for the lack of contact stress stress seal, so the flexibility of the seal The sealing effect is very important.