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Metal Shearing Machine Of The Organization

Jul 01, 2017

Shearing machine, Metal Shearing Machine also known as crocodile shears, metal shears, scrap shears, scrap shears, which are mainly used to cut long scrap metal into pieces for easy transportation and recycling. Each metal recycling company necessary equipment.

The mechanism of the shearing machine is: shearing machine frame (cast iron), blade, pressing plate, protective cover, console (automatic electrical operation box), electrical system, Metal Shearing Machine commutation solenoid valve, oil pump, motor, fuel tank, wind Cold, shear cylinder, pressure plate cylinder.

The operating principle of the shearing machine is through the motor rotation, take the hydraulic oil inside the hydraulic tank, after the commutation of the role of the valve, Metal Shearing Machine driving the cylinder to run, the scrap metal cut into small pieces.

Shearing machine for raw materials are scrap iron, Metal Shearing Machine copper, aluminum, catalyticconverter, hard drive and so on. Like all the equipment, there are many models cut, how to choose the most suitable for their own cutting machine? This is mainly determined by the customer material of the material, Metal Shearing Machine thickness with width or diameter to determine the type of shearing machine.

(1) the machine is equipped with a press plate with a protective cover, to avoid the operation of hand with the blade contact, more security

(2) with a foot switch, through the foot to control the machine's cutting, for the sake of safety

(3) the machine generally use air-cooled, lower hydraulic oil temperature

(4) machine running: automatic operation (button operation)

(5) need to pay attention to matters: Let customers wrapped with plastic bags at both ends of the solenoid valve to prevent dust from entering, Metal Shearing Machine to prevent the solenoid valve stuck. Metal Shearing Machine Such as stuck, need to dismantle down with gasoline cleaning.

(6) small models with large models of the shear machine, Metal Shearing Machine are used one machine design, eliminating the need for customer installation and commissioning, the customer received the machine, refueling can work, it is convenient

Shearing machine is a kind of machine, it uses hydraulic drive, Metal Shearing Machine safe and reliable, easy to operate. Shearing machine for metal recovery processing plants, scrap car dismantling field, smelting foundry industry, various shapes of steel and various metal materials for cold cutting, Metal Shearing Machine pressing the flanging, and powder products, plastic, glass steel, insulation Material, rubber compression molding.