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Metal Shearing Machine Not Enough Pressure

Aug 18, 2017

Metal shearing machine pressure is not enough to cut the waste, what is the reason, and how to solve?

1, the hydraulic system working pressure is normal, if low, then adjust the pressure to the rated working pressure

2, to determine whether the oil leak, if the leakage to be replaced

3, the cylinder is leaked, if the leakage need to replace the seal. The use of metal cutting machine hydraulic oil working principle, the hydraulic oil transported to the integrated cartridge valve block, through the one-way valve and relief valve to the hydraulic oil distribution to the upper or lower chamber, the role of high pressure oil , So that the cylinder to cut the movement! Check the manifold under electromagnetic conditions, conditional can be cleaned with diesel oil.

How to choose the blade of the shearing machine

Shearing machine is suitable for recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling field, smelting casting industry, the various shapes of steel and various metal structural parts of the cold cut, processed into qualified charge, the blade is good or bad decision is hydraulic metal scissors The key to the quality of the machine.

Shearing machine carbon generally between 0.7-1.5%. The role of carbon is mainly with a large number of carbide elements to form alloy carbides. In the quenching and heating, part of the carbide dissolved in the Austrian break, thus ensuring the hardness of martensite, when the alloy carbide carbide precipitation, resulting in secondary hardening; another part of the undissolved carbide, from the fine crystal Grain and wear resistance. So the role of carbon is to improve the hardness of hydraulic metal shears blade, red hardness and wear resistance, and the effect is very significant. If the carbon content is high, the hardness and red hardness are high, but the carbide inhomogeneity is also increased, so that the plasticity and toughness of the steel are deteriorated. If the carbon content is insufficient, the above mechanism can not be fully exerted. If the carbon content is further increased to a certain limit, the melting point of steel decreases, quenching temperature is forced to decline. As a result, the redness and mechanical properties of the steel are deteriorated.

Shearing machine Cutting edge length: 400mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm Shear force from 63 tons to 400 tons a total of eight grades. 700mm above the knife-edge shearing machine, especially for cutting scrap cars. Installation without the need for foot screws without power supply where the diesel engine can be used for power. Small waste paper baler can also be equipped with a blade that can cut the compressed paper during the packaging process, and the blade is widely used so that different materials determine what material is used for the blade.