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Metal Shearing Machine Classification And Working Principle

May 10, 2017

Metal shearing machine transmission methods are electric drive, hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission of three, in the actual production of the first two ways. As the AC servo motor of small inertia, overload capacity, dynamic characteristics, smooth speed, with Metal Shearing Machine good servo characteristics, and its simple structure, easy maintenance, the current production of many high-precision metal shearing machine (including strip clip Send roller drive) are used AC servo drive program. With the rapid development of high dynamic characteristics and high precision electro-hydraulic / proportional servo technology, electro-hydraulic servo drive has also been applied to metal cutting machine to a certain extent. Compared with the electric drive, the electro-hydraulic servo drive structure is simple, the impact vibration and noise is small, and can easily Metal Shearing Machine be obtained with the shear force proportional to the pressure plate pressure.

The frame must have sufficient rigidity due to its large shearing force. At present, most of the overall frame-type welding structure, the advantage of short manufacturing cycle, low cost, but the use of the process prone to deformation. For high-precision metal shearing machine, the use of assembly rack, some of the major components such as beams, columns and turret, etc. are required by mechanical finishing to ensure high assembly accuracy. Ordinary metal shears are mostly guided by sliding, such as V-shaped rails, T-shaped rails or guide posts. As the precision of the movable tool holder has a direct impact on the dimensional accuracy of the plate, Metal Shearing Machine the high precision metal shearing machine has a good wear resistance and lubricity in addition to the high precision of guiding the structure to ensure the repeatability of the movable tool holder , Metal Shearing Machine So generally use precision rolling guide, such as cylindrical linear bearings or flat linear bearings.

    In order to avoid cutting when the strip tilt, bending deformation and sliding, in the strip on the entrance side to set the pressure plate device, compression methods are spring, hydraulic, pneumatic and rubber tube expansion and so on. The clamping device should be as close as possible to the cutting edge and have a strict action interlock with the movable turret. The pressing force is generally about 1/10 of the total shearing force to avoid indentation on the strip surface. For metal cutting machines with high shear efficiency, when the strip feed rate exceeds 100 m / min, the cut sheet is difficult to be taken away directly from the conveyor belt. It is generally necessary to set the roller reclaimer on the strip exit side The When the length of the plate length is too small, even with the reclaiming device, the cut sheet can not be directly on the belt machine, the metal shearing machine at the exit set up stacking car.