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Metal Shearing Machine Care And Maintenance

Oct 25, 2017

Metal shearing machine is a kind of machine, it uses hydraulic drive, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Shearing force from 63 tons to 400 tons of eight grades, suitable for different sizes of different requirements of users. Installation without foot screws, no power supply where the diesel engine can be used for power. Shearing machine for metal recycling plants, scrap car dismantling field, smelting foundry industry, various shapes of steel and various metal materials for cold cutting, pressing the flanging, and powder products, plastic, glass steel, insulation Material, rubber compression molding. Shearing machine is divided into different types are: metal cutting machine, joint punching machine, hydraulic shearing machine bar shearing machine

Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shears Maintenance and Maintenance:

Serious implementation of hydraulic scrap metal cutting machine maintenance system and strict compliance with safe operating procedures is to extend the service life of the machine, improve production efficiency and ensure the safe production of the necessary conditions, to this end, the user recommended the establishment of hydraulic cutting machine maintenance and safety procedures , The operator should be familiar with the machine machine structure and order outside.

Hydraulic scrap metal shears maintenance check operation parts and machine work

1, a single work will be placed in a single working position of the knob, the cutting machine each action cycle need to press the button to complete, each press to complete an action. (Press material - shear - press release - cut back for a working cycle).

2, continuous work will be placed in a continuous working position of the knob, the shearing machine will automatically complete from the material to the shear back to the next move and undertake the next action Ruichang mechanical observation is not continuous work again and again.

Metal cutting machine marked on the filling point of the day or two days before the start of normal oil lubrication, to prevent prolonged wear and tear is too large, resulting in equipment damage.

Hydraulic scrap metal cutting machine blade inspection

The cut material is strictly prohibited beyond the specifications specified in this instruction manual. When cutting irregular metal scrap, should prevent the work before the metal material pressure on any part of the machine, and timely removal of the shear platform and into the rack inside the material, so as not to damage the machinery, resulting in unnecessary losses.