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Metal Shearing Machine Aging Treatment

Metal Shearing Machine is mainly composed of mechanical system, electrical system, Metal Shearing Machine hydraulic system and so on, which is composed of hydraulic pipe and electric line, and the function of each action is completed. 1 host by the machine, turret, hydraulic cylinder and related auxiliary components

(1) The base is formed by welding of pedestal, Metal Shearing Machine left and right frame, knife seat and shearing cylinder support. Base, left frame, right frame are welding parts and after aging treatment, of which the left and right frame using internal and external double wall plate structure, Metal Shearing Machine beautiful appearance, solid, durable. The front end of the machine is welded with a knife seat to hold the cutting tool (fixed knife). The left and right frame is welded with a sleeve to install the tool shaft and the tool holder. Metal Shearing Machine The left rack is welded with a pressurized oil cylinder bracket, which is used to install the pressing material cylinder and the pressing material plate. The shear cylinder support is welded to the tail of the rack to install the shearing cylinder.

(2) The tool holder is the most important moving part, the front part is fitted with a shearing knife (power), the middle shaft hole is fitted with a tool shaft bushing to replace after wearing, Metal Shearing Machine and through the tool shaft and the body, Metal Shearing Machine the tail is fitted with a guide plate, the upper end is connected with the oil cylinder, and the oil cylinder works, which leads the turret to swing around the cutter shaft to complete the shearing action.

(3) Hydraulic cylinder is the executive part of hydraulic system

A Shearing Oil Cylinder: The cylinder body is installed on the shearing bearing of the rack by two half pins, the piston rod head is connected with the tool holder, Metal Shearing Machine the pressure oil enters the oil cylinder acting on the piston, the piston rod is reciprocating linear movement in the cylinder body, and the cutter shaft completes the shearing and return action.

B Pressure cylinder: the tail of the oil cylinder is installed on the left rack with the pin shaft, the end part is connected with the pressing material plate, Metal Shearing Machine the pressure oil enters the oil cylinder action on the piston, the piston rod in the cylinder body makes the linear reciprocating movement to drive the pressure material plate to swing the press material and the plate PIN shaft to complete The above two cylinders are single piston rod double acting cylinders, the cylinder body has a piston rod equipped with a sealing ring, so that the cylinder body formation before and after the two oil cavity, Metal Shearing Machine when the high-pressure oil action in the front cavity or the posterior cavity to promote the piston movement to achieve the oil cylinder drive moving parts work, the cylinder mouth with a guide sleeve, Metal Shearing Machine used as the piston rod support,

(4) The related auxiliary parts mainly have the adjustment sleeve, the fixed guide plate, the servo guide plate, the friction coil adjustment plate and so on, mainly used to adjust the gap between the shearing blades.