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Matters Needing Attention In The Use Of Pulverizer

Sep 26, 2019

prepare for work before starting

A carefully check the main parts of the grinder, such as hammer head, hammer handle, pin shaft, frame plate, side lining plate, centrifugal blade, baffle rod, bearing, v-belt wheel and v-belt, check whether the door and sealing gasket are installed, tighten the fastening bolt and other connecting parts.

Whether the spindle rotation is flexible (there should be no stuck collision and other obstacles).

B check whether there is any material in the casing. If there is more material, it must be cleaned before starting the machine.

C check delivery lines (especially curved and horizontal) for strong blockage, air leakage and poor sealing.

D check whether the cyclone separator has accumulated material.

Is there enough grease in e bearing?

F. Whether the lower discharge system of cyclone separator is in good condition.

G check whether the electrical equipment of auxiliary equipment such as feeder, chute, belt conveyor (or other conveying equipment) is in good condition.

H check the above work and timely deal with the problems found before starting the car.