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Hydraulic Shearing Machine Wide Range Of Applications

Jul 25, 2017

For the industry to this problem is a bit ignorant, Hydraulic Shearing Machine but generally just contact the industry, or need to be a simple description. Want to know why most of the shearing machine hydraulic transmission, first understand, hydraulic transmission.

Hydraulic transmission is the liquid as a working medium to transmit power. Hydraulic Shearing Machine The pressure of a liquid for hydraulic transmission is used to transmit power. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely the energy device, the actuator, the control regulator, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the auxiliary device, the liquid. Hydraulic due to its large transmission power, easy to transfer and configuration, in the industrial, civilian industry widely used. The implementation of hydraulic system components Hydraulic cylinder and the role of hydraulic motor is the pressure of the liquid can be converted into mechanical energy, Hydraulic Shearing Machine and access to the required linear reciprocating motion or rotary motion.

And then look at the cutting machine, shearing machine for metal recycling plants, scrap car dismantling field, smelting foundry industry, the various shapes of steel and various metal materials for cold cutting, pressing the flanging, and powder products , Plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, Hydraulic Shearing Machine insulating materials, rubber compression molding.

This is not difficult to understand, the shear machine to operate the things that need a larger transmission power, the use of hydraulic transmission, safe and reliable, easy to operate. Hydraulic shears are widely used in metal recovery processing plants, scrap car dismantling field, Hydraulic Shearing Machine smelting casting industry, various shapes of steel shears and various metal structures for cold cutting, processed into qualified charge. The hydraulic drive truly achieves reliable safety and convenient operation.

The emergence of metal shears, fully proved, machine, Hydraulic Shearing Machine electricity, liquid, gas and computer control can also be a perfect combination of metal cutting machine parts are based on specific circumstances just right to use the appropriate transmission or control, Hydraulic Shearing Machine so Effectively guarantee the crew to meet the design requirements and withstood the test of production practice.

The metal shearing machine uses a two-column frame structure, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the shearing force of the billet is borne by the frame, and the frame is subjected to the little tipping moment produced by the shearing reaction force. So small size, compact structure. The sliding part of the column and the movable beam adopts the square structure, that is, the sliding part of the column is a square guide, Hydraulic Shearing Machine and the sliding contact part of the movable beam is composed of four flat bearings and four quarter arc bearings. The maintenance and adjustment gap is very convenient The

According to the actual situation of the size of the cut billet, the compacting machine adopts special design. In the lower edge of the fixed 120mm high pressure plate frame, Hydraulic Shearing Machine when cutting 120mm × 120mm cross-section billet when the pressure plate just pressed on the billet, can suppress the shear when the blank and the plate is not partial load, and when the cut 100mm × 100mm section Billet, the pressure plate and the billet although the gap between about 20mm, still can not be partial load. It has been proved that this compact structure can reliably meet the production needs. And hydraulic system to ensure that the compression cylinder pressure is constant, and can be adjusted according to need.

Metal cutting machine host action all the use of hydraulic transmission, effectively play a hydraulic power transmission weight ratio of the advantages of the shear shearing force, small size, to meet the existing conditions of space constraints. Metal cutting machine types, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the number of more than the requirements of the action, the need for a variety of protection, need to adjust the links and more. All of which are managed and controlled by the computer, the action is accurate. As long as the computer software program changes, you can achieve a variety of process changes.

Metal cutting machine length device, Hydraulic Shearing Machine push material head, push the material tail device, passive roller, hopper and other reasonable design, reliable operation to meet the specific environment of the cutting process requirements. When the shearing machine is not used, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the cut edge is adjusted to the maximum so that the large cross section billet passes through the large cross section billet and is cut by a hot saw. Shear hot billet and cutting edge contact time is short (less than 3 seconds) without cooling. Hydraulic Shearing Machine This is the key to avoid cracking when cutting tool steel and die steel. Compared with the thermal saw, cutting noise is small, to improve the working conditions of workers benefit.