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Hydraulic Shearing Machine System Leak Solution

May 10, 2017

Hydraulic shearing machine transmission system with small size, light weight, than the power, smooth operation, can be stepless speed and other advantages, hydraulic shears in a variety of cranes are widely used. But the hydraulic drive system transmission power is lower than other transmission system, prone to problems and problems of the analysis and removal of difficult. Thus, the demand for the use of maintenance personnel has a basic knowledge of the hydraulic system.

1 hydraulic shears leaked

The leakage of the hydraulic system affects the safety of the system, the formation of oil spoil, pollution of the surrounding environment, the addition of the Hydraulic Shearing Machine machine strike, the reduction of productivity, the addition of production costs and the formation of fouling of the product, and thus the leakage of the hydraulic system, Control.

2 hydraulic shearing machine leakage reasons

(2) moving seals and coats are worn away from each other (hydraulic cylinders in particular); (2) dynamic seals and coats are worn apart from each other (in the case of hydraulic cylinders); (2) (3) the oil temperature is too high and the rubber seal is not compatible with the hydraulic oil and transformation.

3 hydraulic shears control the way to leak

(1) to reduce the impact and oscillation

In order to reduce the impact of shock and oscillation of the pipe joints caused by the leakage, you can adopt the following approach:

① use the shock absorber bracket to fix all the tube in order to absorb the shock and oscillation;

② use low impact valve or accumulator to reduce the impact;

③ proper placement of pressure control valve to maintain all components of the system;

④ try to reduce the number of pipe joints, pipe joints as far as possible with welding convergence;

⑤ use of straight thread joints, tee joints and elbow instead of tapered pipe thread joints;

⑥ try to use oil instead of oil piping;

⑦ aligned with the use of the maximum pressure, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the rules of equipment when the use of bolt torque and plug torque, to avoid contact surface and seal was eroded;

⑧ correct equipment fittings. The following are the same as the ones,

(2) hydraulic shearing machine to reduce the wear of the seal

Most of the dynamic seals are accurately depicted, if the dynamic seal processing qualified, the equipment is correct, the use of reasonable, can be guaranteed long time relatively no leakage operation. From the depiction of the point of view, the descriptor can use the following methods to extend the life of the dynamic seal:

① eliminate the side load on the piston rod and the drive shaft seal;

② with a dust ring, protective cover and rubber sleeve to protect the piston rod, to avoid abrasive, dust and other impurities into;

③ depict the selection of appropriate filtration equipment and easy to clean the fuel tank to avoid dust accumulation in the oil;

④ make the piston rod and shaft speed as low as possible.

(3) the need for static seals

The static seal avoids oil leakage between rigid and fixed surfaces. A reasonable description of the sealing groove scale and public service, so that after the seal of the equipment to the kneading must be deformed in order to fill the surface of the micro-sag, and the stress inside the seal to be higher than the sealed pressure. When the part stiffness or bolt preload is not large, the cooperative appearance will be separated from the oil pressure effect, the formation of gaps or increase because of the appearance of the seal is not flat and may exist from the beginning of the gap. With the cooperation of the appearance of the movement, static seal has become a dynamic seal. Rough co-appearance will worn the seal, changing the gap will erode the seal margin.

(4) hydraulic shearing machine reasonable depicting equipment board

When the valve or bottom plate is bolted to the surface of the equipment, in order to obtain a satisfactory initial seal and to prevent the seal from being squeezed out of the groove and to be worn, the equipment surface is flat and the sealing surface is required to be finished and the surface roughness is to be reached 0.8μm, flatness to reach 0.01 / 100mm. The appearance can not have radial scratches, convergence screw preload should be large enough to avoid the appearance of separation. The following are the same as the "

(5) hydraulic shear machine to control the oil temperature to avoid the transformation of seals

Early deformation of the seal may be caused by a variety of elements, an important factor is the oil temperature is too high. The temperature of each 10 ℃ rise in the seal will be folded half, it should be a reasonable description of high-performance hydraulic system or set the cooling device to keep the oil temperature below 65 ℃; another factor may be the use of oil and sealing materials Compatibility issues, should be used in accordance with the instructions or related manual selection of hydraulic oil and seal the type and raw materials to deal with compatibility issues, extending the life of the seal.

(6) hydraulic shear machine pay attention to repair device technology

Should strengthen the leak prevention and treatment of the repair process, such as stem, piston appearance, the cylinder wall of the whole or part of the brush can be used, electrostatic spray thickening, and then by the lathe cutting to the required scale. Equipment with threaded pipe joints, should be on the thread around the polytetrafluoroethylene raw material belt. Casting or welding parts in the equipment should be checked before the inspection and pressure test, pressure test pressure is equivalent to its maximum operating pressure of 150% to 200%. When the oil seal is inserted into the hole, use special tools to avoid the azimuth.