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Hydraulic Shearing Machine Process Compared To

Jul 11, 2017

Compared with the traditional stamping process, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the hydraulic forming process has obvious technical and economic advantages in reducing the weight, reducing the number of parts and the number of molds, improving the rigidity and strength, and reducing the production cost. Hydraulic Shearing Machine In the industrial field, especially the automobile industry Has been more and more applications. Hydraulic machinery is a device and a tool for working with fluid. Common in heavy equipment. In such equipment, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the hydraulic oil is delivered to the equipment at a high pressure through the hydraulic pump. And the hydraulic pump is driven by an engine or an electric motor. Control the hydraulic oil by manipulating various hydraulic control valves to achieve the required pressure or flow. Hydraulic Shearing Machine Each hydraulic element is connected by a hydraulic pipe.

Hydroforming is also known as internal high pressure forming, its basic principle is to pipe as a blank, in the pipe inside the application of ultra-high pressure liquid at the same time, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the tube at both ends of the axial thrust force, feeding. Under the combined action of two kinds of external forces, the tube material is plastic deformation, and finally with the mold cavity wall fit, Hydraulic Shearing Machine get shape and accuracy are in line with technical requirements of hollow parts. Linqing Yongchang Hydraulic Fittings Factory franchise hydraulic balers, balers cylinders, waste paper baler cylinders, Hydraulic Shearing Machine horizontal balers and other products, the production of hydraulic Da Baoji advanced technology, complete specifications, baler cylinder performance and reasonable price!

For the hollow variable cross-section structure, the traditional manufacturing process is the first punching two semi-piece, and then welded into the whole, Hydraulic Shearing Machine and hydraulic forming can be a whole shape along the cross-section changes in the hollow structure. Compared with the stamping process, hydraulic forming technology and process have the following main advantages:

Reduce quality, save material. For automotive engine bracket, radiator bracket and other typical parts, hydraulic forming parts than the stamping parts to reduce 20% to 40%; Hydraulic Shearing Machine for the hollow step shaft parts, can reduce the weight of 40% to 50%.

2. Reduce the number of parts and molds, reduce the cost of molds. Hydraulic forming parts usually require only one set of molds, and most of the stamping parts need more sets of molds. Hydraulic Shearing Machine The hydroformed engine carrier parts are reduced from six to one, and the radiator bracket is reduced from 17 to 10.

3. Can reduce the amount of subsequent machining and assembly of welding. In the case of radiator brackets, the area of heat dissipation increased by 43%, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the number of solder joints was reduced from 174 to 20, the number of processes decreased from 13 to 6, and the productivity was increased by 66%.

4. Improve strength and stiffness, Hydraulic Shearing Machine especially fatigue strength, such as hydroforming radiator brackets, the stiffness in the vertical direction can be increased by 39%, the horizontal direction can be increased by 50%. The same time as the above-

5. Reduce production costs. According to the statistical analysis of the hydroformed parts, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the production cost of the hydraulic forming parts is reduced by 15% ~ 20% and the mold cost is reduced by 20% ~ 30% on average.