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Hydraulic Shearing Machine Multifunctional

1, first of all, the user must note that the multi-function shearing machine must be responsible for the management of personnel.

2. Dress code, before operation to wear tight protective clothing, Hydraulic Shearing Machine cuffs buckle tight, the hem of the jacket can not be opened, not in the running machine tool next to wear, undress, or surrounding cloth on the body, to prevent the machine from twisting. Must wear the helmet, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the plait should put in the cap, may not wear the skirt, the slipper.

3. Multifunction Shearing machine operators must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use of shearing machine.

4. Multifunction shearing machine is suitable for shearing material thickness for machine tool rating of a variety of steel plate, copper plate, aluminum sheet and non-metallic material plate, and must be no hard mark, slag, slag, weld materials, do not allow super thickness.

The appearance of hydraulic shearing machine, fully proved that the machine, electricity, liquid, gas and computer control can also be a perfect combination, the hydraulic shearing machine each part is based on the specific circumstances appropriate to use a suitable transmission or control mode, Hydraulic Shearing Machine so as to effectively ensure the unit to meet the design requirements and withstand the test of production practice.

The main engine of the hydraulic shearing machine adopts two-column frame structure, and the shearing force of the billet is borne by the frame, and the frame only bears the small tilting torque produced by the shearing force. Thus the size is small and the structure is compact. The sliding part of the column and movable crossbeam adopts square structure, that is, the sliding part of the column is a square guide, Hydraulic Shearing Machine and the sliding contact part of the movable crossbeam is composed of four planar bearing and 4.4 yuan arc bearing, which is very convenient to repair and adjust the gap.

According to the actual situation of shearing billet section size, a special design is adopted for the billet mechanism. A 120mm high platen holder is fixed on the lower edge platform, when shearing 120mmx120mm section billet, the platen just press up billet, can press the shearing slab and the plate is not partial load, and when shearing 100mmx100mm section billet, the platen and the billet surface is 20mm or so gap, Hydraulic Shearing Machine still can not be partial load. It has been proved by practice that the structure can meet the production requirement reliably. and the hydraulic system ensures that the pressing force of the blank cylinder is constant and can be adjusted according to the need.

The hydraulic shearing machine main body movement all uses the hydraulic transmission, effectively has played the hydraulic transmission power weight ratio big advantage, causes the shearing machine the shearing force to be big, the volume is small, satisfies the space constrained condition under the existing scene condition. Many kinds of hydraulic shearing machine, the number of the required action, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the need for a variety of protection, need to adjust many links. All of these are managed and controlled by the computer, and the action is accurate. As long as the computer software program changes, you can achieve a variety of process needs.

The hydraulic shearing machine fixed ruler device, push material head, push tail device, passive idler roller, receiving hopper and so on design reasonable, Hydraulic Shearing Machine the operation is reliable, satisfies the shearing craft request under the certain environment. Without the use of shearing machine, the shear blade opening degree adjustment to the largest, so that large cross-section billet through, Hydraulic Shearing Machine large section billet by the heat saw cutting. Hot billet and shear blade contact time is short (less than 3 seconds) without cooling. This is the key to avoid cracking when cutting tool steel and die steel.