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How To Use Grinder

Jan 20, 2017

1. the mill and the power unit should be installed securely. If mill a long-term fixed operations, should be fixed on the basis of cement; if the grinder is mobile, the unit should be installed on a frame made of angle iron, and to ensure the engine (diesel engine or electric motor) pulley Groove and mill at the same rotational plane.

2. the grinder after installation check the fastening of the fasteners, if loose tighten. Also to check whether the belt tight fit.

3. the grinder before starting, first with hand-rotating rotor, check the tooth-jaw, hammer and the rotor is a flexible and reliable operation, there are no collisions within the shell, whether the direction of rotation of the rotor and the arrow is pointing in the same direction, power machine and grinder-lubrication is good.

4. don't replace the pulley to prevent high speed grinding Chamber explosion or impact speed is too low the efficiency of the mill.