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How To Prevent Dust Explosions

Jan 20, 2017

Conditions for dust explosion

1, the right concentration of combustible dusts (magnesium aluminum 30-40 grams per cubic meter of dust reached explosive concentrations);

2, dust is in a suspended state;

3, a certain amount of oxygen;

4, fire or strong vibration and friction;

5, in a relatively confined space.

How to prevent dust explosions

1, production sites to be cleaned on a daily basis, to minimize the amount of dust to accumulate in the workplaces

2, places of dust to prevent fire, current or facilities that may cause strong friction. Dust collector dust control system set up outside the building.

3 in China, to participate in safety training, grasp the dust hazards and protection measures.

4 and regularly checked for dust explosion-proof, and make a record, develop specific contingency plans.