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Future Development Trend Of Hydraulic Baler

Jun 21, 2019

According to experts predict the future development trend of hydraulic baler:


(1) high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Improve the efficiency of hydraulic baler and reduce the production cost

(2) electromechanical hydraulic integration.

Make full use of advanced mechanical and electronic technology to promote the whole liquid

Improvement of pressure system.

(3) automation and intelligence.

The high speed development of microelectronics technology is automation and intelligent lifting of hydraulic press

Sufficient conditions are provided.

Automation is not only reflected in the processing, should be able to achieve automatic diagnosis and system

Adjustment, with the function of fault preprocessing.

(4) integration and standardization of hydraulic components.

The integrated hydraulic system reduces pipeline connections and provides effective protection

Stop leakage and pollution.

Standardized components facilitate machine maintenance.

At the same time, the current domestic waste paper hydraulic baler, waste plastic hydraulic baler technical level,

Production process also appeared uneven, mixed phenomenon.

Experts also remind in the purchase of hydraulic baler

When must recognize the regular factory production machinery and equipment