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Flexible Packaging Operation Mode Of Waste Paper Baling Machine

Nov 28, 2017

Flexible packaging operation mode of waste paper baling machine

One of the reasons for waste paper packer popular is that it is very convenient to install and use, after the customer has purchased can install paper baling machine, and in practical application can choose different operation modes according to different situations, to achieve the ideal baling quality.


A packaging paper packaging machine is generally three, is a semi automatic baling mode, when the baler starts running, need to be fixed on the turntable or wrap the goods and then press the Auto button, will start to accelerate the operation of rotary speed. At the same time, the film is automatically output with the turntable, while the turntable counts, and the film frame begins to rise when it reaches the set value.


When the paper balers film frame up to the photoelectric switch is not exposed to air, delay the setting time after the film frame stops rising on count 1 times; with the turntable turntable to keep running, counting, when the top ring number reaches the set when the film frame drop, drop to the bottom when the film frame stop on under the times to 1 times, and to the bottom ring number. The baling process is completed when the number of straight up and down reaches the set value.

The waste paper packer, more advanced automatic mode of operation, only need to waste paper packer in the initial state, put the goods, wear good films, a reasonable set of related parameters, including upper and lower ring number, on the number of overtopping time, can automatically according to the start button, the whole process of automatic baling.