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Fine Craft And Market Application

Jan 20, 2017

Ultrafine grinding characteristics are as follows:

1, no pollution

Jet milling is the power of the air, substances in the high speed air flow driven by high-speed run, self impacts achieved smash. Because the technology is based on the principle of material grinding material crushing, grinding cavity products pollution rarely, as long as the air is cleaned, there would be no new pollution sources.

2, low temperature

Due to the adiabatic expansion at the nozzle compressed air will reduce the system temperature and the crushing space is low, crush the powder is instantaneous at low temperatures. To avoid a material generates heat in the grinding process and the destruction of their chemical composition.

3, physical

Jet milling is purely physical behavior, without any chemical reaction, and thus maintain the substance of the original property.

4, high precision, less environmental pollution

Product size can be adjusted by classifier, therefore narrow particle size distribution, and adjustment is entirely independent of the classifier, which strictly limits the "particles" and avoid excessive crushing.

Crushing is carried out under negative pressure seal, powder without any leakage during the crushing process.

Two Superfine powder, Superfine grinding technology and application in Chinese traditional medicine production

Superfine comminution technology introduction of traditional Chinese medicine, is pharmaceutical grinding technology in the ideal way, as a way of reform of Chinese medicine formulations, it not only enriches the content of traditional processing, and can bring new vitality to the production and application of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine industry a new growth point in the advantage is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, development and industrialization of Superfine powder of pieces

On industrialized extraction process is not suitable for some Chinese herbs, such as drugs, expensive drugs, active ingredients are vulnerable to heat damage of drugs, active ingredients of unknown drugs. After the medicine, but conventional grinding process, slow onset, bioavailability is low; ultrafine powder technology and rapid effects of products manufactured, high bioavailability, and can improve the efficacy, reducing side effects, dose reduction, conservation medicine.

2, to transform the traditional extraction

After the Superfine comminution of traditional Chinese medicine, and solvent-greatly increases the contact area, and reducing extraction time, improve the transfer rate of effective components, saving energy, improving comprehensive utilization of raw materials.

3, improve the quality of existing formulations

Some medicine compound drug in clinical Shang has is good of effect, but original preparations used General crushed, cell most keep full State, effective components dissolved out slow, up effect speed and biological using degrees to be improve; for to powder body for raw materials of powder, and particles agent, and capsule agent, and tablets, solid preparations, if will raw materials micro-powder of, not only can change its external characters, also can improved its solubility, and dissolved out degrees, and absorption rate, and adhesion, and biological using degrees, variety pharmacy parameter.

4, develop new herbal preparations

Deer velvet, cordyceps, Hippocampus, pearls and other precious medicinal herbs, are available through Superfine, made direct micro-capsule, powder, capsules, oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine. But also study some Chinese herbs powder directly after preparation is mixed with a Matrix Transdermal.