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Cyclone Parallel Series

Jan 20, 2017

Cyclone parallel series

(1) parallel in General, the smaller diameter of the cyclone, the higher separation efficiency, dust concentration is low in dust in particular is more obvious. When dealing with a large single cyclone cannot be completed, often used in parallel. When used in parallel, in order not to affect the efficiency, should be between each cyclone is not affected, and to work under the same conditions. Therefore requires parallel cyclone installed symmetrically, small errors between them, each is not a separate block in the running. Nonetheless. dust concentration in air speed and the same case, Cyclone parallel operation is always lower than the efficiency of a single run, more parallel group of more efficiency. Research on large diameter cyclone is very necessary.

(2) series for the treatment of high concentration of gases containing dust, appropriate to the cyclone series. First level with less efficient cyclone. remove most of the solids, then with high efficiency cyclone to remove smaller particles. In the following cases for the times using a concatenation operation:

When gas containing dust in the dust has a wide particle size distribution, including 15Fem particles and more easily broken particles, first imports set a lower speed, cylinder with large diameter cyclone, first remove the large particles of dust, in subsequent sets of small diameter tube device for separation of smaller particles;

② dust formed by the components of fine particles, and these components have a high flocculating properties, easy in the front of the device or flocculation phenomenon in the cyclone, use a concatenation operation;

③ dust particle size uniformity, when using a concatenation operation. secondary efficiency is lower than previous level;

II the process requires a high degree of gas purification process, can be used in-line operation.