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A Set Of Large Aluminum Plate Grinder Basic Configuration

Oct 24, 2019

Aluminum plate mill also known as waste aluminum mill

Waste aluminum crusher:

Product introduction:

Jiangyin AUPU Machinery Co.,LTD.waste aluminum crusher is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection equipment for crushing waste aluminum, diesel barrel, gasoline barrel and other waste metal materials to achieve the recycling of resources of the new crushing equipment;

It also sets all the advantages of the pulverizer, is a kind of crushing equipment.

Mechanical configuration:

A waste aluminum crusher, a production line, a magnetic separation equipment, a conveyor, a motor

Product features:

1. Pulverizer effect of feeding equipment.

2. Drive by deceleration motor, saving 20% of power compared with other crushing machines.

3. Start up smoothly without too much noise, and install a foundation, the noise is very small.

4. The blade is a mesh blade made of high alloy, which can be used in any high hardness.

5. Conveyor belt feeding equipment can be configured.

Advantages of products crushed by waste aluminum crusher:

1. Convenient particle transportation, which can effectively reduce the transportation cost and increase the transportation efficiency;

2. The sales price of metal particles is much higher than that of scrap iron and aluminium;

3. Metal particles are easier to store than metal, which can save a lot of warehouse space;

4, metal particles greatly facilitate the use and reprocessing.