Remove Copper Winding Motor Core Scrap

For single stator processing specifications (e.g., washing machine motor stator, etc.), separate the copper windings from the stack. Scope of application: stator inner diameter 40-60mm, stator outer diameter > 100mm, silicon steel thickness <50mm

Product Details


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Product introduction
Motor cutting and drawing machine is mainly used for stator copper cutting and drawing.
All kinds of motor stator with outer diameter of 100-250mm can be machined.
First cut the stator/motor in half, then remove all internal copper, all steps in 2 steps.
Product features
1. The use of hydraulic system, the removal function is stable, greatly improve the removal efficiency, reduce the labor intensity.
2. The cutting blade is made of high-wear-resistant carbide material, which is easy to operate, reliable, fast cutting speed, no adhesive force and burr.
3. Equipped with automatic thread catching device, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers in the operation process.
4. Cutting blade and clamping claw can adjust the reciprocating distance, which is more conducive to the stator coil placement.

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