Electric Motor Recyclers

This device is a product independently developed by our company, with high positioning efficiency. After the stator is cut in half, all copper windings can be taken out within 2 times, which leads to high economic benefit.

Product Details

We provide customers with solutions and expertise from single equipment to complete production line, including overall project planning, installation and debugging, operation training, etc.
Industrial positioning:
Harmless treatment and reuse of waste resources.
"Protect the ecological environment and enhance the value of resources" is positioned to maximize the comprehensive utilization value of waste resources by means of high-tech environmental management.
1. MRT is an efficient motor recovery machine. The stator of the motor is cut in half and the copper windings are taken out through two steps on the single-stage motor.
2. Heavy-duty cylinders are designed to withstand large torques and high loads.
4. High quality hydraulic solenoid valve.
5. The blade and fixture are made of high-quality alloy tool steel, which is durable and has a long service life.


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