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How to use the Jet mill to keep it healthy?

Jan 20, 2017

Jet mill uses, not only to push the technology of industrial production to a new level, has brought us great convenience. For humans, birth, one can avoid, for mill, however, will experience the same "life" history, if we carefully take care of it, let it remain "healthy", then it naturally followed the extension of the service life, and if we do not cherish it, it only got scrapped. So, in the process of use of Jet mill, how can we make sure it's "healthy life"? The following is a small series of personal recommendations, I do not know can help you.

1, should be fixed on the basis of cement mill. As frequently change work sites, mill and electric motors to be installed on a frame made of angle iron.

2, mill after installation check the fastening of all parts, and to check the drive belt tension is appropriate, the motor shaft and mill shaft are parallel.

3, mill before the start, first with hand-rotating rotor, check whether the operating flexibly and normally, there are no collisions within the shell, the direction of rotation of the rotor is correct, motor and shredder lubrication is good and so on.

4, the mill should be idle after starting 2-3min, without exception and then release.

5, it should not replace the pulley to prevent speed too high or too low.

6, check the item carefully to avoid hard objects such as metal, stones accident entering the crushing Chamber.

7, the feed should be uniform, if found to have sizzle, bearings and the body temperature is too high or to spray and other phenomena, should immediately stop checking, troubleshooting.

Stop feeding before 8, down, standby items excluded in clean, cut off the power outage. Downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

9, mill operation 300h, cleanse bearings, oil change; capacity oil, based on housing spaces full of 1/3 as well, should not exceed 1/2. Down for a long time, remove the drive belt.