Steel Chip Briquetting Machine

This series of hydraulic briquetting presses are industrial machines designed to press metal chips into briquettes and operate in automatic mode. It can press cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, zinc, bronze,titanium and magnesium, they are also suitable for treating a variety of other machining scraps.

Product Details

This metal chips press can coldly compress powder and grain shaped cast steel chips, steel chips,
Sponge iron, copper chips and aluminum chips into column-shaped lump with a density of >5T/M3, PLC control with automatic material feeding, lump discharging and high efficiency.(containing no bonding reagents).


The metal chip pressing machine frame adopts integral steel castings to prevent cracking of the welded parts of the steel plate, which improves the reliability and service life of the equipment. Using advanced hydraulic transmission technology and superimposed combination valve block, using high-quality wear-resistant oil seal, the cylinder is processed and assembled by the latest high-tech technology in China, thus ensuring continuous operation without weakening the cylinder pressure, durable and stable operation; computer control, high degree of automation , low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc. According to the user's situation, the screw automatic feeder are used to reduce the labor intensity of the workers.



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