Copper Chip Briquetting Press

This metal chips press can coldly compress powder and grain shaped cast steel chips, steel chips, Sponge iron, copper chips and aluminum chips into column-shaped lump with a density of >5T/M3, PLC control with automatic material feeding, lump discharging and high efficiency.

Product Details



Detailed Machine Parts:
1) Name:Motor drive
Brand: Siemens
PLC control system
easy to operate
Global brand, good quality to use
2) Name: Water Cooler
every machine will equip a water cooler. 
It can reduce the oil temperature, avoid too high oil temperature.
3) Name: Conveyor 
Some customers will ask for the conveyor
We will equip one which is suitable for the machine. 
It can help increase the capacity and easy to add material. 
4) Name: Oil collector
If you want to collect liquid from the scrap, we can equip the oil collector for you. 
It is good for the environment.


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