Waste Paper Baling Press Machine Scrap Baler Machine

Waste paper baling press machine introduction The horizontal waste paper baler has the advantages of fast package, more than 1 tons per package, package size suitable for loading, economical and affordable, is the best-selling model of the company, praised by customers. Horizontal scrap baling...

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Waste paper baling press machine introduction

The horizontal waste paper baler has the advantages of fast package, more than 1 tons per package, package size suitable for loading, economical and affordable, is the best-selling model of the company, praised by customers. Horizontal scrap baling machine, small investment, big returns, all kinds of waste materials can be packaged fluffy scraps of paper, yellow paperboard, waste carton, scrap books, newspapers, crop straw, reeds, plastic bottles, plastic bags, cotton, hemp, etc.. Push plate thrust is large, the size of the package can be customized, automatic button operation, horizontal package, packet type density, neat and beautiful.


Waste baler Structure

Waste paper baler includes: inlet bin, hydraulic baler main machine, chain plate type feeding conveyor, control system, fuel tank, related accessories. Packing machine and feeding conveyor have uniform appearance color, and factory date and machine type, technical parameters, after-sales service contact signs.



Scrap baler machine is suitable for packaging waste paper, plastic scrap, compression, cotton, wool, waste paper, waste bin, waste paper, yarn, tobacco, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitted fabric, hemp, jute bag, wool, wool balls, cocoon, silk, hops, wheat, grass, garbage and other loose firewood the material, easy to reduce the volume of packaging, transport and reduce the storage space. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, firm and firm structure, economical and practical, simple operation, safety and reliability, etc., and is an ideal equipment for material packaging, waste recycling and other industries to become rich.


Advantages of scrap baler

① PLC control, with the man-machine interface (touch screen) and window monitoring, synchronous action indicator with the wrong warning, you can set the length of the package.

② left, right, on the three directions floating design, is conducive to automatic allocation of four pressure, can be widely used in different materials packaging.

③ automatic strapping, improve the packing speed.

④ push the material cylinder and push the material between the spherical structure of the connection, good reliability, long life of oil seal.

⑤ feeding mouth with a distributed shear knife, high shear efficiency.

⑥ low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure.

⑦ easy to install, no foundation.


Baler working flow

1. Before starting the boot, check the appearance of the device is abnormal, whether there is a security risk around, whether the wire or plastic cord is sufficient. After confirming normal, open the main switch air box, unscrew pop-up emergency stop button, electric control box power indicator light.

2. Remote local gear selector switch to the remote control gear.

3. Put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the slot, press the system start button on the remote control for 2 times, and the siren stops for 10 seconds to warn the equipment to be ready for operation. The red warning light is always on.

4. Press the start button on the remote control conveyor belt, the conveyor belt operation, the paper or other materials into the conveyor belt into the mouth, belt conveyor belt into the package entrance.

5. After the paper or other material arrives at the position, press the compression button on the remote control, the red warning light flashes, the back pressure stops automatically after the pressure head is in place (if the pressure head moves to a position after the pressure head starts, After tens of seconds, it will automatically return to the home position. When returning, the siren will alarm at 1 second. At this moment, the arm will be released automatically when the arm is released by the remote control, and then the compression will be started until normal Then alarm. Manual arm type with jack pressure on both sides of the arm, both sides of the screws rotate into the distance, and then start the compression until normal does not alarm).

6. Repeat 4 until the desired length of the package, press and hold the button on the remote control device for 2 seconds after the device automatically starts pressing the head down to the front of the packing position down, the siren alarm in place to 3 seconds soon after the frequency of the alarm .

7. Press the button on the remote control wire, wire thread automatically wear wire or plastic cord through, threading machine automatically return to the original position.

8. The wire or rope lay knot cut, a pack of the end.

9. Repeat steps 4-8 above. Out of the bag package will be introduced after a package, with a pick-up truck or forklift will be finished package moved to the right place neatly placed.

10. After the work is completed, press the remote control system stop button, win the magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch control box, and turn off the total power.


1. Q:What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A:Our minimum quantity is 1 set, as our product is machinery equipment, it’s difficult to send you samples, however,we can send you catalog, warmly welcome you to come visit our company.

2. Q:Which level of quality are your products?

A:We have got CE, ISO, SGS, TUV, SONCAP certificate so far.


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