Good Quality PET Bottles Baling Press With Conveyor High Strength

Good Quality PET Bottles Baling Press With Conveyor High Strength
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EPM series waste cardboard baler machine

EPM series waste cardboard baler machine  This machine is Suitable for all kinds of waste paper, plastic, PET bottle, fiber, chemical fiber, such as light foam materials.

Can match conveyor feed, suction feeding, can with PLC automatic control, can be a key to complete the automatic feed, automatic compress, automatic strapping, automatic out of the bag.All kinds of packaging material can be compressed into a about 1 ton bag piece.

Greatly reduce transport costs, greatly reduce labor costs, the cost, convenient operation, safe and simple。

Suitable for all kinds of renewable resources industry baling press focus on recycling of materials.



This machine is used for in normal will waste and similar products with special packaging,extrusion forming ,which packaged with much smaller,achieve thereby reducing transport volume,save freight,for enterprises to increase efficiency.


1.This machine uses PLC controlTouch-screen controlcan adjust the length of bale size.

2.The leftrightupper directions use Float type shrink mouth designit is good to separate pressure fully automatic.This baler can press many materials.

3.Fully automatic baleincreasing working efficiency.

4.Between pressure cylinder and press head adopts Spherical structure connectionshas good reliability.The sealing elements will have Long service life.

5.We add knifes on the feeding portincreasing cutting efficiency.

6.Low noise hydraulic circuit designhigh efficiencyless faults.

7.Easy to installno need of floor foundation

Type    EPM-50 EPM-80  EPM-100 EPM-125 EPM-200
Nominal pressure 500KN 800KN 1000KN 1250KN 1600KN
Power 24.75KW 37KW  37KW  37KW 55KW
Operating mode Electrical control Electrical control Electrical control Electrical control Electrical control
compression box 3400×420×1020 3900×950×1100 3900×1000×1100 4200×1100×1100 4400×1250×1100
Packet size 420×1020×(1200-1500) 1500×950×1100 1500×1000×1100 1500×1100×1100 1500×1250×1100
Packet weight 230-280Kg 650-750Kg 750-850KG 800-1000KG 1000-1300KG
Single cycle time  60S 60S 70S 70S 80S
Production efficiency 1200-1500Kg/h 3500Kg/h 5000Kg/h 6000Kg/h 7000Kg/h

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