Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Some cardboard balers can be designed to produce bales in specific sizes according to a manufacturer’s transport, storage or recycling capabilities. Custom specification in a baler will potentially cost more than a standard model, and while it may save in the long term, it might not be a necessary feature of a baler.

Product Details

Product feature:
1.This machine uses PLC control, touch-screen control, can adjust the length of bale size.
2.The left, right, upper directions use float type shrink mouth design, it is good to separate fully automatic. This baler can press many different kinds materials.
3.Fully automatic bale, increasing working effciency.
4.Between pressure cylinder and press head adopts spherical structure connections, has good reliability. The sealing elements will have long service life.
5.We add knifes on the feeding entrance, increasing cutting efficiency.
6.Low noise hydraulic design, high efficiency, less faults.
7.Easy to install, no need of floor foundation.





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