Tire Baling Machine

Tyres baler  is widely used to compress and pack the waste tires. The compressed package block has teh uniform outer dimension and the large density and proportion, which is suitable for container transportation.

Product Details

Many developed countries attach importance to environmental protection, and some developed countries have proposed to deal with "black pollution." Waste tire balers will make many countries and governments no longer have headaches. Compressing and packing used tires will be a major trend today. The hydraulic tire packing machines produced by our company are mainly designed for the developed countries such as the United States, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Used for tires in various sizes and sizes.


Product features

(1) all models are hydraulic drive, can choose manual or PLC automatic control operation;

(2) the discharge form has turned over the package, push package (side and forward) or manually take package (pack) and other different ways;

(3) the installation does not need foot screws, in the absence of power, can use diesel engine power;

(4) the compression chamber is equipped with bulletproof barbs to prevent the rebound of tires and pack more tightly;

(5) compression chamber size and package size can be customized according to customer requirements;




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