Pet Bottle Baling Press Machine

PET baling press machine is mainly used for the recovery of compressed cardboard, waste film, waste paper, waste plastics, cardboard boxes and scrap and other industrial packaging materials and waste. This vertical baler reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of the stacking space, reduces shipping costs , at the same time conducive to facilitates environmental protection and waste recovery.

Product Details

Product details

PET baling press machine is mainly used in commercial, postal, railways, banks, food, medicine, books and periodicals, distribution and other industries cartons, wooden boxes, paper bags, cloth package packaging and strapping. Plastic baler hydraulic transmission, reasonable design, compact structure, hydraulic performance and reliable. With high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation, safe and reliable, strong adaptability to the work environment, low price and so on.

Main Features

1. Open type structure makes packaging conveniently, and improves work efficiency.

2. It configures with PLC program and touch screen control, operated simply and equipped with automatic feeding detection, can compress bale automatically, realize unmanned operation.

3. It designs as special automatic strapping device, quickly, simple frame, acting stably, low failure rate and easy to maintain.

4. It equipped with the starting motor and the booster motor to save power, energy consumption and cost.

5. It has a function of automatic fault diagnosis, improving the efficiency of detection.



1. This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, double cylinder operation, stable and powerful.

2. With the button centralized control, can achieve a variety of ways of working, the working pressure of the machine range of travel can press the size of the press to be adjusted.

3 independent filler port and automatic package device, easy to operate, feeding port to install interlocking device, safe and reliable.

4. Compression chamber size, mass size, voltage can be customized according to customer requirements.



1. Q:Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

A:We are a manufacturer, and we have builded up our company since 2008.

2. Q:Where is your factory located?

A:Our factory address is : No.32 Xiaying Road Qiaoqi Village Xuxiake Town Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China.

3. Q:How can i get to your factory?

A:Our factory is near shanghai Airport, we can pick you up in the airport.

4. Q:If i will need to stay in your place for few days, is that possible to book the hotel for me?

A:It’s always my pleasure, hotel booking service is available.

5. Q:What is your minimum order quantity, can you send me samples?

A:Our minimum quantity is 1 set, as our product is machinery equipment, it’s difficult to send you samples, however,we can send you catalog, warmly welcome you to come visit our company.

6. Q:Which level of quality are your products?

A:We have got CE, ISO, SGS, TUV, SONCAP certificate so far.

7. Q:What is the delivery time of your machine?

A:In general, the delivery time of our machine is about 30 days, customized machine will be delivered as the negotiation with our clients.