Open End Auto Tie Baler

It is essential to choose a baler depend upon the waste your scrap yard can occupy. It also depend upon how much quantity you want a baler to baler every day. Moreover, if you buy a heavy duty or high density baler which is used for hogh volume of waste then it will be very time-consuming for the employees, as bending and preparation of waste will be difficult. Suitable machine as per your need is much more essential.

Product Details

The carton waste balers are widely used to recover the cardboard or paper waste so that it can be reused in the best possible way. The cardboard waste is really beneficial to lot many people because it produces a lot of money. One can collect them from several places without paying any cost. The Automatic Balers hold significance in the carton waste. When the waste is compressed by baler it gets converted into a large number of bales. By compressing the heavy cartons, the air inside it gets released.



Features :

1.all models are hydraulic drive, can choose manual or PLC automatic control operation;

2.all cylinders using imported materials sealing ring, reliable quality, good quality;

3.the overhead type cylinder, easy installation, easy maintenance, no foundation, high efficiency packing;

4.extrusion pressure from 40 tons to 100 tons, multiple levels for users to choose;

5.push the cylinder and pushing head is connected with a spherical structure, good reliability, long service life of the seal;

6.low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low fault;

7.practical models, suitable for small and medium enterprises waste compression packaging;

8.stand-alone use, without auxiliary equipment;

9.with good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving.


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