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Y82Q series wool baler machine

The characteristics of wool baler machine:

1, steel structure frame, high strength, light weight, cover an area of an area small.

2, overhead type oil cylinder, without underground foundation, can be used in the building installation.

3, hydraulic drive, stable pressure, low noise, safe and convenient operation.

4, wool baler machine adopts four column frame, four open form, the ball transmission shift, well glyph wear strapping.

5, machine dedicated to wool, chemical fiber, light foam materials such as cotton, sponge, address their transportation difficulties, reduce transport costs and storage space.


Y82 series non-metal hydraulic baling machine, which is widely used to compress and pack the relaxed goods such as cotton, yarn, cloth, hemp, wool and other products. The compressed package block has the uniform outer dimension and the large density and proportion, which is suitable for container transportation.


1、Packing pressure is range from 25 tons to 200 tons.

2、This series adopts the upper oil cylinder without the requirements of underground foundation. It is easy to install and convenient to operate.

3、This baler adopts hydraulic automatic door easy operation safe and reliable.

4、This series applies to many aspects such as wool waste paper hay straw sponge cotton cotton yarn clothes fiber PET bottles coconut fiber life rubbish plastic

used clothes waste tires stainless steel and so on main function is reduce the volume and freight easy to save.

Type Applicaation Package size(mm) Package weitht(Kg) Matched capacity(KW)
Y82-25Q hairr bulb 1080×750 18or24entries bulbs  7.5
Y82-25 relaxed fibre 1000×500 ≥100 7.5
Y82-25B cloth  1200×600 20 pieces of plain cloth 7.5
Y82T-25F waste paper 1000×600 ≥100 7.5
Y82TX-25MP  Wood 700×400 ≥100 7.5
Y82-63Q hairr bulb 1080×750 24or36entries bulbs  11
Y82-63 relaxed fibre 1100×700 ≥250 11
Y82-63B hemp bag 1200×600 100pieces of hemp bag 11
Y82T-63F waste paper 1100×700 ≥300 11
Y82-63M stainless steel 1200×800 ≥350 15
Y82-100Q hairr bulb 1150×760 36or48entries bulbs  15
Y82-100 relaxed fibre 1100×1000 ≥450 15
Y82T-100F waste paper 1100×1000 ≥450 15
Y82-100M stainless steel 1100×1000 ≥800 15
Y82TX-100MP Wood 860×860 ≥400 15
Y82-100DK Rice husk 1200×800 ≥350 18.5
Y82-125DK  Rice husk 1200×900 ≥450 22
Y82-160S Special purpose for chemical fibre/cotton production line 1100×1100 ≥400 15
Y82TX-200MP Wood 1100×1100 ≥700 30
Y82-200KL Cans 1100×1100 ≥400 30

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