Non-metal hydraulic baling machine For Used Clothing Hay Baler

our company has developed new hydraulic used clothes baler For Used Clothing Hay Baler. Mainly sell to UK,USA and so on. We adopt rotating box, easy to add the material, more than double production efficiency. We adopt suitcase style to open door, more convenient, safety.

Product Details

1.Non-metal hydraulic baling machine introduction

2.Used hydraulic baler machine for used clothes description

Y82 series non-metal hydraulic baler is widely used for compressing and packing the relative goods such as cotton, yarn, linen, wool, cardboard, plastic, straw and any other products.

Model Application Boundary Dimension (L*W*H)(cm) Bale Size (L*W*H)(cm) Bale Weight(kg) Power (kw)
Y82S-63YF clothing 360*80*450 74*34*35 50 7.5
Y82T-63YF clothing 244*136*515 110*65*(400~800) >250 7.5
Y82-25X knitting wool 160*65*370 98*42*60 >100 7.5
Y82-25M waste cotton,PET bottle 160*65*370 100*50*(60~80) >100 7.5
Y82T-40M waste plastic 170*69*370 110*60*80 >250 11
Y82-200M cotton yarn 160*85*470 110*40*90 120~180 18.5
Y82-63KL waste cotton,PET bottle 160*65*450 100*50*80 150~200 15
Y82-100KL waste aluminum,can,plastic 700*500*1200 700*500*(400~700) 150~200 15
Y82T-200KL cans,PET bottle 171*122*918 110*84*(50~80) >400 30
Y82TX-200MP wood scraps 144*207*715 110*110*(100~200) >500 30
Y82-15FZ waste paper,straw 125*82*220 115*75*70 >200 4
Y82F-100FZ waste paper 147*124*383 115*90*(70~90) >300 15
Y82T-100FZ waste paper 147*120*360 115*90*100 >500 18.5
Y82-04ZB cardboard one chamber80*59*185 71.5*50*65 25~50 1.5
Y82S-04ZB cardboard two chamber178*65*199 71.5*50*65 25~50 1.5
Y82SS-04ZB cardboard three chamber256.5*65*199 71.5*50*65 25~50 1.5
Y82-12WS hand-push waste paper baler 360*89*66 (30~40)*80*60 70~90 5.5
Y82-20X yarn 135*55*317 87*37*45 25~40 5.5
Y82-63X knitting wool 150*65*450 92*45*60 >100 15
Y82-25F waste paper,plastic,straw 160*120*370 110*75*70 >200 7.5
Y82-25K cotton yarn 145*52*320 92*33*65 >100 7.5
Y82-50HM sponge 200*103*389 120*85*(50~70) >250 7.5
Y82T-63F waste paper,waste plastic 145*85*450 110*75*(70~100) >250 15
Y82-100LT tyre 202*153*388 76*155*100 >1000 11
Y82-160S plastic 172*282*453 110*110*(50~100) >250kg 7.5+22

3.What is the Applications and Features of our products?
a. Extruding forces are from 25 tons to 200 tons.
b. It adopts an upper oil cylinder without the requirement of foundation.

c. AS to the bale size and bale weight are according to clients' requirements, with high versatile.

d.The bale has uniform external dimension, large density and proportion, which is suitable for container transportation.

  Non-Metal Hydraulic Baling Machine.jpg4.Our serivce
24 hours online service
Enquiry will be replied in 2 hours
Spare parts: supply one set of spare parts for free, tool box, operation book.
Free parts for any breakdown with convincing evidence
Any problem, you can call usdirectly.

5.Package and Shipping
PackageSeaworthy package (Film package,Naked package or Shrink-pack).

Aupu transportation.jpg


Q1: How can i get the after-service?
A: We provide  one year guarantee and lifelong maintenance.
     We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us.
     If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,however it is charged.
     Any problem, you can call us directly.
Q2: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
A:  Sure,welcome to visit our factory.
    Our factory address: No.11 Yanshan Road Changshou Village Zhouzhuang Town Jiangyin City Jiangsu China.
Q3:Are you a factory or trade company?
A:We are manufacturer with own factory for 10 years, export proportion 50~60%. 
Q4:How can i trust your company?
A:With 10-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price
1. Assessed by third party, national patents and CE, ISO for all equipment,  
2. Welcome to inspect anytime. We are near to Shanghai Pudong airport. 
3. For our machine, we do very well on hydraulic balers,hydraulic shears
Q5 :Is your price competitive? 
A:  Only good quality machine we supply. Surely we will give you best factory price based on 

superior product and service.

Welcome to buy the lowest price  non-metal hydraulic baling machine made in China from our factory. As one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you now only the best quality products but also excellent service.