Cotton Baling Press

Cotton baling machine is mainly used for recycling compressed paper, cotton,clothes,texitle and other waste. It can reduce waste storage space, save up to 80% of the accumulated space, reduce transportation costs, meanwhile, be beneficial to the environment and waste recycling.

Product Details

Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press Clothes Baling Machine can reduce effort while ensuring perfect packaging of different types of materials. The baler folds, seals and adjusts the packing foil from raw material to a ready-to-go packaged bale in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the flat film roll capability enables continuous use of the Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press Clothes Bales Packing Machine and therefore offers more efficiency, compared to refilling bag magazines needed for ready-made bags. That's not all; One baling press machine can also save film costs by up to 20% over pre-made bags. This machine can be used in many loose material. Such as cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper box, waste paperboard, cloth, cocoon, silk ect.





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