Automatic Horizontal Cardboard Baler

EPM wast paper baler is used to compact Waste paper ( Carton, cardboard, OCC, newspaper,  shred cardboard, books) For compacting waste plastic( PET, HDPE, Pet bottles, plastic film, waste plastic bottles)For compacting soft material ( straw, hay, fiber, use cloth, etc).As every application is unique, our broad line of balers is the result of meeting unique customer requirements. Closed-door, auto-tie, wide-mouth, and large feed hopper balers are available to meet any application parameter.

Product Details




The most important thing that should be kept in mind before buying a baler is the budget, as one must fix a certain amount of money for the machine.

Check whether a baler is able to fit the needs in the best way or not. When a person buys such machines then the prime duty is to see that whether it is able to recycle the trash in an appropriate manner or not.

A buyer should know all the features about the baler so that it is easy for him to manage it. Safety, oilers, chillers, conveyors etc there are many other features.

Check whether the machine is assisting with efficient space or not. Space-related issues occur a lot of time so one should keep a check before buying a machine.

Looking for profit is the prime duty of a buyer as he or she should calculate that whether baler machines will help in generating profit or not.



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