Automatic Cardboard Baler

Cardboard Balers are designed to compress empty cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging materials down into manageable bales or bundles that can be recycled or otherwise disposed of. Once the cardboard is compressed, the bales are tied off and the bundles become a much smaller size

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horizontal balers can also be used for heavy-duty cardboard waste as they are able to bear a greater weight load and usually have an automated motion system. For both vertical and horizontal balers, the compaction of the material uses a hydraulic system which is a more efficient compaction method, and results in less heat being produced during the process.

Reducing the bulk of waste makes the process of disposing of it easier and cheaper, and the time required for recycling is also reduced which cuts back on the carbon emissions being released. Complete turn-key recycling systems can be designed around an individual baler, allowing for a fully “green” process. Manufacturers need to be environmentally responsible in their waste management processes, and balers are one way in which to aid their efforts.

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