Scrap Metal Recycle

1.The Scrap Metal Recycle adopts the whole welding frame structure, and the vibration aging treatment, the machine tool has good rigidity, high precision and good precision retention. 2.Hydraulic shearing machine uses three point supporting shaft to roll the guide rail, the upper tool holder makes rolling without any gap between the rolling guide rails, and the rotating hand wheel can adjust the service life of the blade. The movable blade and four blade bearing long blade, easy to adjust the blade gap uniformity, improve the shearing quality, prolong the service life of blade. 3.The hydraulic plate shear adopts the series cylinder synchronous system, and the machine tool has uniform force. By adjusting the flow of the series cylinder, the shearing angle can be easily adjusted so as to meet the needs of different shear plate thickness. The plate shearing machine adopts a movable rear stopper and an electronic counter, which is convenient for adjusting the position of the rear stopper.

Product Details

Product description



all-steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) to eliminate stress, have good rigidity and stability;

The use of advanced integrated hydraulic system, good reliability;

three-point rolling guide rail to eliminate the guide gap, improve shear quality;

electric hitch, manual fine-tuning, digital display;

blade clearance hand wheel adjustment, rapid, accurate and convenient;

rectangular blade, four edge can be used, long service life;

adjustable shear angle, reduce sheet distortion;

on the turret with an introverted structure, easy blanking, and improve work accuracy;

cut with a segmented function, with lighting device function;

after care device (can choose another device).