Hydraulic Scrap Oil Drum Steel Iron Compactor Machine

Hydraulic Scrap Oil Drum Steel Iron Compactor Machine
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Welcome to buy the hydraulic scrap oil drum steel iron compactor machine made in China from our factory. As one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you now only the best quality products but also excellent service.

AUPU hydraulic scrap oil drum steel iron compactor machine

AUPU Developed for high density baling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, MAC’s Model 5200 excels in a broad range of materials including loose steel sheet, clips and trim stock. A real workhorse, the Model 5200 features both a shear head compressed ram and side compressed ram, and is capable of producing bales measuring 16-inches square by variable lengths at a rate of 55-60 per hour. Bale densities vary according to material but average 165 lb./cu. ft. for ferrous material and 50-65 lb./cu. ft. for aluminum.




Y81 series metal hydraulic baling machine mainly suitable for the steel works and the recovery and process industries ,colored and black metal smelt industries .It can extrude every kinds of metal leftover materials , steel paring, waste copper and waste aluminum into qualified charging such as square column, cylinder, octagon body and other sharps. The purpose is to reduce the costs of transportation and smelting.




1.The hydraulic driving is adopted for all types of machines. The manual and PC automatic control operations are optional.

2.No foundation bolts for installation. The diesel engine can be equipped as driving at the place without power supply.

3.Turning over bag type and pushing bag type are used for bag coming out.

4.Extruding force has 8 classes from 63 tons to 400 tons and production rate is from 0.5 tons per hour to 20 tons per hour.

5.The chamber box size and bale size can make according to clients' requirements can add two sides of knives on the chamber box.